First, principle

Photoelectric sensors are controlled by converting changes in light intensity into changes in electrical signals. The laser sensor is first directed by the laser emitting diode to the target emitting laser pulse. The target reflected laser light scattered in all directions. Part of the scattered light is returned to the sensor receiver, received by the optical system and imaged onto an avalanche photodiode and converted into a corresponding electrical signal.

Second, light source

The light source of the photoelectric sensor can see red light and infrared light, but the laser sensor uses laser technology to measure the sensor. The difference here is that the spots of red and infrared light are large, and the larger the distance, the larger the distance, which is not conducive to the detection of small objects. The laser sensor’s light source is a laser, and the same light source, the light source will be close to the distance. Changing the size, the difference between the laser and the ordinary is that the laser spot will be very small. As the distance is longer, the spot will also expand, but it is a very subtle change that the naked eye can’t see, so people usually say lasers. The light source will not expand.

Third, application

Laser sensors are mainly used in object detection, place, position, counting, bump, positive and negative, and so on, and are widely used in packaging, electronics and other industries. Photoelectric sensors are used for level detection, level control, product counting, width discrimination, speed detection, fixed-length cutting, hole identification, signal delay, automatic door sensing, color standard detection, punching and shearing, and safety Protection and many other areas. In addition, the use of infrared concealment can also be used as a burglar alert in banks, warehouses, shops, offices, and other places where it is needed.

Fourth, the cost

The laser sensor is also a kind of photoelectric sensor, because the light source is different, the manufacturing cost is different, so the laser sensor and the photoelectric sensor are distinguished.

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