In order to obtain information from the outside world, people must rely on sensory organs, and rely solely on their own sensory organs. Their function in studying natural phenomena and laws and production activities is far from enough. To meet this situation, sensors are needed. Therefore, it can be said that the sensor is an extension of human features, also known as electrical features. Now introduce you to the five specific applications of sensors in your life:

1. Automatic door: use the body’s infrared microwave to open and close the door

2, smoke alarm: the use of smoke-sensitive resistance to measure the smoke concentration, so as to achieve the alarm purpose

3, mobile phones: digital cameras, the use of optical sensors to capture images

4, electronic said: the use of mechanical sensors (conductor strain gauge technology) to measure the pressure of the object corresponding to the variable, so as to achieve the purpose of measuring weight

5, water level alarm: temperature alarm, humidity alarm, optical alarm, etc. are all sensors, is a detection device, is the first step to achieve automatic detection and automatic control, for people’s lives has brought a huge change.

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