Industrial connectors provide service guarantees based on basic connectivity. As the application environment continues to deteriorate, the performance and reliability of the original connectors will decrease, which drives the passion of new connectors, industrial connectors. It is based on this condition that it has been developed and widely used.

The industrial connector was first developed by Simon, and its sockets and plugs have been very resistant to harsh environments. The RJ-45 model has a P67 rating.

Industrial connector


There are four main types of connection for industrial connectors:

1 thread connection method:

Some types of connections are often used for contacts having larger dimensions and electrical connectors that operate in a strongly vibrating environment. This type of connection can be fitted with a fuse that prevents loosening after the connection is completed. The connection form is reliable, but the connection speed is slow.


2 bayonet connection:

It is a reliable and fast form of connection and separation. Most of the electrical connectors of the card 121 connection form have a visual display of the correct connection and locking and can be viewed from the small holes on the side of the electrical connector connection nut.


3 plug and connect connection:

It is a versatile form of connection. When the plug and the socket of the electrical connector are connected and disconnected, the moving direction is usually a reciprocating linear motion, without twisting and rotating, and only a small working space is required to complete the loading and unloading. Common plug-in connections are available in either ball or pin configurations. Since the connection form has no mechanically labor-saving mechanism, once the insertion is mistaken, the mechanical resistance is significantly increased and can be found in time.


4 cabinet connection method:

It is an electrical connector used on some devices that require blind connections near the frame. It can make electrical devices lighter and smaller, easier to maintain and more reliable. This type of connection makes it impossible for the operator to feel the connection. It is necessary to design an accurate positioning device to avoid forcibly connecting the mis-inserted electrical connectors together, making mis-insertion impossible. Cabinet-type electrical connectors are usually designed with a floating or resilient contact design to ensure proper connection.
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