The encoder and the transmission shaft are both elastically connected to cushion vibration and concentricity deviation, but the concept of a shaft-type connection is different from that of a shaft-type connection. In principle, the amount of shaft-type connection elasticity is small (hard) , While the amount of shaft-type elastic connection can be hit.
Sleeve type connection, the encoder shaft connected directly to the drive shaft, space saving and easy installation, but the shaft vibration and concentricity deviation is likely to directly load on the encoder shaft, if the amount of flexibility (soft, concentric Degree of tolerance), the surface to install comfortable, but the encoder shaft force, reduce bearing life, or large internal encoder vibration, the encoder easily damaged.
Shaft-type spring-biased hard, you can greatly withstand the overall weight of the encoder to protect the bearing force, but the installation workers to be carefully aligned, for the installation of high, and perhaps some people do not like, but it is to protect Encoder for longer use.
In addition, the sleeve encoder is not recommended for heavy-duty use, or larger motor use, sleeve-type encoder, such as for heavy use, or larger motor use, must be multi-bearing structure, in fact, the front Is the sleeve, the internal or flexible transition to the encoder shaft, the kind of direct sleeve “heavy load type encoder” is actually not reasonable design.
If the vibration is large or if the concentricity tolerance is large, it is recommended to use a shaft-type encoder with a flexible coupling so that the flexible coupling should be softer and some encoder couplings do a very hard job. That coupling is not easy to break, but for the encoder shaft vibration elimination is less, it will lead to encoder damage. Some people say that the coupling should be “hard” will not be bad, is the role of the coupling do not understand.
If the encoder is to use its own shaft with a larger vibration drive directly connected without a coupling, it is recommended to use heavy-duty transition shaft, which is a sleeve-type encoder installed by heavy-duty transition shaft, so that this shaft Can be installed directly on the gear, measuring plate, pulley.
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