IPC maintenance is a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and operation level, and its technical level determines the quality of IPC maintenance. Persons engaged in maintenance of IPCs need constant learning to understand the functions and features of the electronic components inside the IPC, and the requirements for reinstallation of various software and systems, and apply the newly learned knowledge to practical work, and constantly improve. Maintenance technology level.

To repair industrial computers, we must first understand the steps:

1. Get to know the IPC to understand his performance and uniqueness

2. Recognize the key components and the general principle (at least the type of installation required)

3, understand the operating system used

4, determine the approximate point of failure, first gathered in a certain point

5, the complete principle of the block function (such as power supply, control, interface, etc.)

6, the general principle and test (the whole machine)

IPC Maintenance Common Faults and Solutions

(A) IPC maintenance touch screen common fault phenomenon

(b) 1. The IPC starts up with a display, but the screen is very dark. There is no change with the brightness adjustment function key.

(C) 2. IPC boot touch screen white screen (no text image) or Huaping, but the external monitor is normal;

(4) 3. Horizontal or vertical bright lines and bright bands on the IPC touch screen

(E) 4. The IPC boot screen is blank, but the external monitor image is normal.

(6) 5. Cannot touch or touch the offset

The solution: replace the LCD or touchpad

(II) IPC Maintenance Hard Disk Common Faults

1, the hard disk is very slow when running the program, but also accompanied by the crash situation;

2. The IPC boot screen prompts that the hard disk cannot be found;

3, the hard disk emits abnormal noise, the system can not start;

4, hard disk circuit board burned, smoke;

5. Recovery of data such as accidental deletion, mis-formatting, incorrect cloning, incorrect partitioning, and virus intrusion

Solution: Backup data, reinstall the system

(C) Maintenance of IPC keyboard common fault phenomenon

1. The IPC keyboard has a key failure;

2, IPC keyboard water;

3, IPC keyboard automatically repeat the button.

Solution: replace the keyboard

(4) Maintenance of Common Faults in IPC Batteries

1, the IPC battery is not charging;

2. IPC can’t start up with battery;

3, IPC battery can be charged, the discharge time is particularly short.

Solution: Replace the new battery

There are several points for the routine maintenance of the IPC. We hope to help everyone. IPC is an industrial computer designed to work in special and harsh environments. Its power supply, chassis, and mainboard are all designed to accommodate long-term uninterrupted operation. In order to use it better, let it always maintain a good working performance, it must be necessary and reasonable maintenance in daily use.

First of all, we must give the IPC a stable working environment. For example, when the machine vibrates while reading or writing to a disk or hard disk, the drive may be seriously worn or the hard disk may be damaged. If it is to be placed against a wall, at least a clearance from the wall is required to ensure good heat dissipation. Otherwise, it will lead to accelerated aging of the components. Specific to do the following:

First, the chassis

The chassis includes industrial power supplies, passive backplanes, and fans. Industrial Control Power: It is for N hours of uninterrupted power on service, so its performance is better, the main thing to pay attention to is to minimize the entry of dust, to prevent dust from affecting the operation of the fan. Preventing momentary power failure, instantaneous power failure and sudden incoming call often results in a momentary high voltage, which is likely to “burn” a bad computer. Voltage fluctuations (too low or too high) can also cause damage to the computer. Therefore, power supplies should be equipped as much as possible. In addition, it should also prevent static electricity and prevent lightning. The

Passive backplane: It provides power for all kinds of boards including () cards (cards, video cards, sound cards, network cards, etc.). It must pay attention to three points in daily maintenance: You cannot insert the board card with the backplane powered. When you dial the card, you can’t use too much force. When it is too big, when cleaning the floor with alcohol, you should pay attention to prevent the tool from scratching the floor. Do not accumulate dust in the slot, as this may cause poor contact or even short circuit. Whether the metal feet in the slot are aligned and bent, otherwise the operation of the board in the system will be affected. Therefore, various phenomena such as the boot not displaying, the board not being found, and the crash may occur. Fan: The fan in the industrial control box is specially designed for the industrial control machine. It blows the air into the chassis to reduce the temperature inside the chassis. It should pay attention to whether the power supply is connected to the plug, and the filter outside the fan should be cleaned regularly (once a month) to prevent excessive dust from entering the chassis.

Second, the motherboard (card) IPC motherboard

Specially designed for long-time operation in high and low temperature special environment, it should pay attention to the use of: can not be charged (memory, the back of the board mouse, keyboard, etc.), live plug will lead to plug The hole is damaged and cannot be used. Serious damage may even cause damage to the motherboard. The jumpers on the mainboard cannot be jumped freely. To view the manual or user manual, otherwise the damage may be caused by the different voltage settings of different types of motherboards. Dust on the motherboard should be cleaned regularly. Do not use alcohol or water. Use a dry brush, vacuum cleaner, or leather tiger to suck or blow off dust. Keep the memory on the motherboard clean and clean. No breaks or stumbles. The gold finger inserted into the passive backplane under the motherboard should be clean and plugged into place on the backplane.

Third, hard disk, optical drive, floppy drive

Hard disk: Do not disassemble the hard disk to avoid vibration and extrusion. Try not to shut down the computer while the hard disk is running. Suddenly the opportunity to shut down will cause damage to the hard disk tracks and data loss. Do not touch the jumper on the hard disk. When handling, be sure to use anti-static plastic bags or use shock-proof materials such as sponges to fix them. Check the virus frequently to prevent corrosion. Use the energy-saving function in the operating system as much as possible to extend the service life of the hard disk.

Optical drive: Do not open the optical drive door freely during use. Do not use damaged or pirated optical discs to prevent dust from entering the optical drive. Do not shake, distort or beat the optical drive during use. The data line should be connected smoothly to ensure that the optical drive reads smoothly.

Floppy drive: Can not put bad disk, toxic disk into the floppy drive, do not use inferior and moldy floppy disk to prevent scratching the head. When the floppy drive is reading and writing to the disk (the floppy indicator is on), do not forcibly remove the disk to prevent damage to the head or misalignment of the head, resulting in improper reading and writing.

Fourth, all kinds of cards (cards, sound cards, network cards, etc.)

The board should pay attention to dust, the pins should be intact, the card can not be distorted when the card is inserted vertically, and the connector on the outer jack of the card cannot be charged. The

The above should be noted in the use of IPCs. As long as you are diligent in practice and do the above, it will manage your IPC system and maintain its long-term stable operation.

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