The FX1N series PLC is a universal option with up to 128 points of control. Because the FX1N series PLC has scalability for input/output, logic control, and communication/link functions, it has a wide range of applications for common solutions.

    The Mitsubishi FX2NC series PLC achieves a considerable scale reduction while retaining its original powerful features. The I/O type connector reduces wiring costs and saves time.

    The FX2N series PLC is the most advanced module in the FX series. With unmatched speed, more advanced features, logic options, and position control, the FX2N is a choice for a wide range of applications from 16 to 256 inputs and outputs.

The FX3UC series is the third generation of micro-programmable controller developed by Mitsubishi Electric under the background of miniaturization, large-capacity storage and cost-effectiveness. Built-in high-performance display module, FX3UC series PLC also specifically enhances the communication function.

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