The term gateway is not unfamiliar to everyone, but what is the gateway, what is the use of it, what are the main types of gateways, I believe that some people are not completely clear, this article is described in detail here.

First, a gateway is a device that enables files to be transferred between networks based on different communication protocols. The role of the gateway is simply to be able to connect and communicate with different hosts using different protocols.

Currently, gateways are divided into protocol gateways, application gateways, and security gateways.

First, the protocol gateway: the protocol gateway usually performs protocol conversion between network areas using different protocols.

  1. Pipeline Gateway: Pipeline is a relatively common technology for transmitting data through incompatible network areas. The data packet is encapsulated in a frame that can be identified by the transport network. Upon reaching the destination, the receiving host unpacks the packet and discards the encapsulated information, so that the packet is restored to the original format.
  2. Dedicated gateways: Many dedicated gateways bridge the gap between traditional mainframe systems and rapidly evolving distributed processing systems. A typical dedicated gateway is used to connect a PC-based client to a converter at the edge of the LAN.

3, Layer 2 protocol gateway: Layer 2 protocol gateway provides LAN to LAN conversion, they are often referred to as translation bridges rather than protocol gateways. This conversion may be required for inter-LAN interconnections using different frame types or clock frequencies.

Second, the application gateway: Application gateway is a system that translates data between different data formats. A typical application gateway receives input in one format, translates it, and sends it in a new format.

Third, security gateway: Security gateway is an interesting fusion of various technologies, with an important and unique protection, ranging from protocol-level filtering to very complex application-level filtering.

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