In the Chinese market, mobile phone tablet as the representative of the metal processing needs are continuing to expand rapidly, for processing accuracy and speed, automation and other requirements are getting higher and higher. In order to meet the market requirements, Mitsubishi Electric introduced the latest M800 / M80 series CNC system, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in performance brought about by the high productivity, ease of use and flexibility for the processing site to bring unlimited possibilities and innovative value.

M800 / M80 series CNC equipped with Mitsubishi Electric’s latest development of CNC dedicated CPU, small line processing capacity of 270K block / min, PLC processing capacity of 26.0PCMIX, located in the world’s leading position, greatly reducing the processing time. Through the 4th generation SSS (Super Smooth Surface) control and a new generation of spline function, greatly reduce the vibration, improve the processing accuracy and processing quality. For the lathe, introduced a subroutine control II, the spindle overlap control and other new features, to achieve part of the process of simultaneous implementation, to further shorten the processing time.

The launch of the M8 series of products are touch screen design, you can like a smart phone as a direct sense of the touch screen operation, without cumbersome keyboard operation. M800W series joined the 19-inch touch screen, the customer can customize the software operation panel and document display and other application functions. At the same time, for the use of M7 series of users, M8 new interface without training, but also easy to get started. Through the ECC storage, to hard disk, the new remote I / O unit communication protocol, fan / insulation / power detection and many other design, greatly improved the maintenance and environmental resistance.

In line with the advent of large data age, the introduction of MES interface, EtherNet / IP and other field bus, with a variety of devices easily interconnected possible, to strengthen the visualization of on-site information.

The new M800 / M80 series monitors are installed from the front and installed from the rear of the two installation methods, while using the 9.5mm ultra-thin screen and keyboard, gray color matching, easy with a variety of colors with the machine, beauty and easy to use Both.

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