one. The reason for the overload
The intelligent power module IPM (Intelligent Power Module) inside the servo amplifier contains over-voltage, overcurrent and overheating fault detection circuits. Therefore, when the motor drive load is accelerated or decelerated, the output torque of the motor is greater than the rated torque of the motor After a short period of time, the amplifier will have overload alarm.
Below to locate the module QD75 control MR-J2S servo amplifier as an example to illustrate

The motor speed in Fig. 3 corresponds to the command speed in Fig. 1, and the acceleration / deceleration times tpsa and tpsd correspond to the actual acceleration / deceleration time in Fig. When the load inertia and the motor inertia are known, the acceleration / deceleration torque Ta and Tb can be calculated. As shown in Figure 3.

Actual acceleration / deceleration torque (Figure 5)
Compared with the acceleration and deceleration of the output torque, the motor in driving the load in the running of the output torque is the smallest, with TL said. This value can be monitored by the servo setup software on the servo motor output torque curve. Figure 5 can be calculated from the motor in the acceleration, operation and deceleration process of the output torque T1, T2 and T3.
The servo amplifier will have an overload alarm in both of the following cases
1. T1, T2 and T3 are driven by a maximum output torque that exceeds the servo motor
2. T1, T2 and T3 are greater than the rated output torque of the servo motor, but less than the maximum output torque and run for a period of time

Take the MR-J2S-10A ~ MR-J2S-100A overload protection characteristic diagram as an example. When the servo motor output torque is 200% of the rated torque, as shown above, the motor will run over 100s after the IPM in the servo amplifier will be overheated And an overload alarm.
two. Eliminate overload alarm methods
The above description of the cause of overload alarm, then as long as the reduction in operating speed or increase the acceleration and deceleration time can eliminate the alarm.


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