First, the difference between FX3G and FX3GA?
1.FX3GA: The input/output terminal block cannot be removed; the FX3G can be removed, so there is no need to disconnect the cable when replacing the PLC.
2.FX3GA: Cannot be equipped with optional battery; FX3G can be equipped with battery
3.FX3GA: Only one BD communication board can be expanded (single channel expansion), and FX3G 40 points or more can be extended by 2 BD boards (dual channel expansion)
4.FX3GA: domestic assembly; FX3G is completely foreign production

Second, FX3U replaces FX2N, and FX3UC replaces FX2NC. What adjustments and changes need to be made?

  1. FX3U (C) series corresponds to the FX2N (C) series, their dimensions are the same, the cabinet installation does not need to be changed
  2. FX3U (C) series input / output terminal block size and location are the same, the PLC does not need to be disconnected, you can directly remove the old machine terminal to the new machine
  3. The wiring of FX3UC and FX2NC is exactly the same; FX3U will select one more S/S terminal than the FX2N, and the terminal needs to be shorted to 24V, and the corresponding position of FX2N is vacant.

Third, what are the FX series PLC download lines, and the difference between them?
FX series download line has FX-USB-AW (original), USB-SC09-FX, USB-SC09, SC09
1.FX-USB-AW is the original download line of Mitsubishi original FX, the computer side is USB interface, reliable and convenient to use.
2.USB-SC09-FX is a domestic download line imitation Mitsubishi FX-USB-AW, the computer side is a USB interface, easy to use
3.USB-SC09 is a domestic download line, which can be used for FX series PLC and A series PLC, and the computer side is USB interface, easy to use.
4.SC09 is mainly for the old-fashioned computer (with RS232C 9-pin interface), the computer side is RS232 interface, now the computer needs it to use a USB to RS232
The interface can be connected, such as USB-RS232 2.0

  1. After the FX2N PLC is replaced with FX3U, does the original module need to be replaced?
  2. After replacing FX2N PLC with FX3U, the original function expansion board (BD board for communication and special adapters such as FX2N-485BD, FX2NC-232ADP) needs to be replaced with the function expansion board corresponding to FX3U series;
  3. Expansion equipment (input and output modules, special function modules such as FX2N-16EX, FX2N-2AD) can be used without replacement.
  4. Does the FX0N-65EC extension cable have to be equipped with an FX2N-CNV-BC adapter for connection?
    FX0N-65EC does not need to add FX2N-CNV-BC when connecting FX2N-32ER/ET or FX2N-48ER/ET

Six, FX2N series PLC model suffix ES / UL and -001 What is the difference?

  1. The suffix is ​​ES/UL for the European version and -001 for the Chinese version.
    2.-ES/UL series input mode can select the source type and the sink type input mode through the S/S terminal. The -001 series input method is fixed as a sink type input.
  2. Does FX0N-65EC have to add an FX2N-CNV-BC adapter to connect?
    When FX0N-65EC is connected to FX2N-32ER/T.FX2N-48ER/T, FX2N-CNV-BC is not required; other modules need to be added.

Eight, FX1S, FX1N, FX2N, FX3G, FX3GA, FX3U (C) body with high-speed pulse output point can control how many axes?

1.FX1S, FX1N can control independent 2 axes, maximum output 100KHZ pulse train

  1. FX1NC can control independent 2 axes, maximum output 10KHZ pulse train
  2. FX2N can control independent 2 axes, maximum output 20KHZ pulse train
    4.FX3G, FX3GA 14/24 points can control independent 2 axes, 40/60 points maximum output 100KHZ pulse train
    5.FX3U, FX3UC can control independent 3 axes, maximum output 100KHZ pulse train
  3. Can the FX1N PLC expand the input/output module, analog module, positioning module, etc. connected to the FX2N?
    The FX1N PLC can fully expand the expansion module connected to the FX2N. Such as FX2N-16EX, FX2N-16EYR, FX2N-4AD, FX2N-10GM, FX2N-20GM, etc.
  4. What should I do if the FX series PLC is running or the power LED is off or blinking?
    First, remove the wiring of the [24+] (working power) terminal on the PLC to confirm whether it is back to normal.
    1: If it returns to normal, it may be caused by the short circuit of the load or the excessive load current, which causes the working power capacity to be overloaded and thus activates the protection function.
    2: If you can’t get back to normal, please contact a professional technician for repair.
  5. What is the difference between FX3U-ENET-ADP and FX3U-ENET-L? Can they be replaced?
    FX3U-ENET-L is an Ethernet module, FX3U-ENET-ADP is an Ethernet port adapter; -L is powerful and can replace ADP; if it can be replaced, it can be judged by referring to whether the function used can be satisfied. .
    1: Both ENET-ADP and ENET-L have MELSOFT connection function, which is connected to the man-machine interface through Ethernet port, such as Mitsubishi and Weilun touch screen.
    2: Both ENET-ADP and ENET-L have the MC protocol (that is, Mitsubishi PLC-specific protocol). This function is used by the upper industrial computer to read, write, and control the PLC using the MC protocol.
    3: ENET-L module has a large number of buffers, with buffer sending and receiving function (1024 words/time), which can be used as communication between the main station and third-party equipment such as instrumentation. ENET-ADP is only a communication expansion port.
  6. Can FX3U-1PG replace FX-1PG-E?
    1.FX3U-1PG is an upgraded version of FX2N-1PG/FX-1PG-E; performance boost pulse output up to 200KHZ, their programs can be universal
    2.FX3U-1PG can only be used on the FX3U PLC host. After the replacement, determine whether the host is FX3U PLC.
  7. How does the Mitsubishi FX3G series PLC communicate with the barcode scanner? How to read barcodes in Mitsubishi 3G PLC?

You can use the RS command. You must know the barcode of the scanner. It is dedicated or MODBUS protocol. Then you need to know the data storage area address and data type and size of the barcode, and then use the RS command. To read the data of the barcode storage area address of this site, if it is two words, the data to be fed back just needs to display the class of these two words.

  1. Prepare to try to make a control system, control a stepper motor, four cylinders, and have four proximity switch inputs. Which type of PLC is cost-effective?

This simple system can be any model, you can choose FX2N FX1S FX3U, mainly the transistor output is just fine.

How to control the servo motor with PLC?

Calculate the distance per revolution based on the resolution of the encoder, then use pulse control

  1. What is the corresponding parameter of the 4-20ma current output of the 4ad module of Mitsubishi FX3U series PLC?


Seventeen, the use of PLC positioning module must cooperate with the servo?

Must cooperate with the servo to output commands to the servo amplifier based on the parameter positioning data.

Nineteen, choose Mitsubishi FX3GA series PLC and Mitsubishi FX3U series PLC which is better?

According to the specific use to choose, the software is the same

What are the differences in programming between these two series of PLCs from Mitsubishi?

Basically no difference, most of FX2NC and FX3U commands are common

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