Mitsubishi FX series PLC how to judge the fault according to the light

1. The power LED on the front panel of the main unit, I / O expansion unit, I / O expansion module, the front of the special module has a “POWER” LED indicator, when the host through the power, the LED green light If the indicator light is on, it means that the DC load of FX2 is too large. In this case, if the indicator light is on, it means that the DC load of FX2 is too large. , Please do not use DC2 power supply of FX2 “24+” terminal. Please prepare DC24V power supply separately. If the wiring of “24+” terminal is unplugged, the indicator light is still off, and it is possible that PLC internal fuse has been burned Please contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If the LED is flashing, it is likely that the “24+” terminal is shorted to the “COM” terminal. Please pull out the “24+” terminal wiring. If the indicator light returns to normal, Please check your line. If the indicator light is still flashing, it is likely that PL board within the POWER board has been faulty, please send the PLC back to our local offices, we will deal with you as soon as possible.

3. “BATTV” LED lights When the red LED lights, the table PLC lithium battery life is almost over (about a month), then please replace the new lithium battery as soon as possible, so as not to PLC procedures (when When the use of RAM) automatically disappear.If you replace the new lithium battery, this LED is still lit, it is likely that this part of the PLC CPU board has been faulty, please send the PLC back to our local offices, we will As soon as possible for you to deal with.

4. “PROGE” LED light flashes In general, when the red LED lights flash, most of the program circuit is unreasonable situation is more, another reason may also be the parameter set error, or foreign noise (FX-20P-E) It is recommended that you check the D8004 and then check the D8060 ~ D8069 according to the contents of D8004. You can get a data from D806 0 ~ D8069. This is the result of the program. Debug number. For the contents of the debugger number, please refer to the “Mitsubishi programmable controller programming manual!

5. “CPUE” LED lights When the “CPUE” LED lights,

There may be the following reasons:

1.PLC internal conductive dust intrusion
2.PLC scan more than 100ms or more (check D8012 can know the longest execution time)
3. In power, unplug the RAM / EPROM / EEPROM memory card.
4. Noise interference near the PLC If you remove the above problems, and “CPUE” LED lights still lit, this part of the PLC may really fail, it is recommended that you send it back to us, let us help you find it The cause.

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1. If I have the original program, you will only need to clear all the PLC memory. Clear the method as follows: a. If you use the handheld program writer when the writer and PLC After connecting, select ONLINE mode, press the GO key, the screen will ask you to enter the password, then press the SP key 8 times, then press the GO key 3 times, this way, your PLC to return to the factory state , If you use the FXN, DOS version V2.0 or above software in the MODE window by 7,5,3, and then the screen appears in the options, above, the next Key to select “MEMORYALLCL EAR” and then press “Enter” key, so that the PLC internal memory will be cleared. The user will write the original program to PL C. c. If you use FXNWindows version V1.0 or above software First of all, the original program Hao on the screen, the PLC placed in the STOP state, will be selected on the screen function selection column, select PLCmemoryclear …, jump out of the new screen, the three options all circle, then “Enter” Key, the screen will appear “OK” and “Cancel” two options to let you make a decision, this time, You make decisions, you select “OK”, press the “Enter” key to it! If this screen disappears, also said that the PLC has returned to the factory state, you can re-write the program.

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