GOT-900 series graphics terminal operating voltage of 24V DC, RS-232C or RS-485 interface can communicate with the PLC. There are 50 touch keys, you can set up 500 screens.
930GOT graphics terminal with 4in diagonal LCD display, can display 240 80 points or 5 lines, each line of 30 characters, 256KB user flash memory.
940GOT graphics terminal has a 5.7in diagonal 8-color LCD display, can display 320 240 points or 15 lines, each line of 40 characters, 512KB user flash memory.
F940GOT-SBD-H-E and F940GOT-LBD-H-E handheld graphics terminal with 8-color and black and white LED display, for on-site debugging, other performance and 940GOT graphics terminal similar.
F940GOT-TWD-C 256-color 7in diagonal LED display can be installed horizontally or vertically, the screen can be divided into 2 to 3 parts, there is an RS-422 interface and two RS-232C interface. Can display 480 234 points or 14 lines, each line of 60 characters, there are lMB user flash memory.

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