These modules typically have microprocessors that control the position, speed, and acceleration of moving objects and can control linear or rotational motion, single-axis or multi-axis motion. They make motion control and PLC sequence control function organically integrated, is widely used in machine tools, assembly machinery and other occasions.

Position control is generally closed-loop control, servo motor drive. If the stepper motor as a drive, either open-loop control, closed-loop control can also be used. The module uses memory to store the given motion curve. The typical machine motion curve is shown in the figure. High speed v1 is used for fast feed, low speed v2 is used for actual cutting process, and P1 is the end point of motion. The module obtains the current position value from the position sensor and compares it with the given value. The result of the comparison is used to control the drive of the servomotor or the stepper motor.

The following describes FX2N series pulse output module and positioning control module.

1. FX2N-1 PG-E pulse output module

FX2N-1 PG-E has 7 kinds of operation modes of positioning control, one module controls one axis, FX2N series PLC can connect 8 modules and control 8 separate axes. Output pulse frequency up to 100kHz, optional output plus pulse, minus pulse and directional pulse. Take 8 I / O points in the program, can be used for FX2N and FX2NC.

2. FX2N-10PG pulse output module

FX2N series PLC can connect 8 modules, the output pulse frequency up to 1MHz, the minimum starting time of 1ms, positioning during the optimal speed control and approximate S-type acceleration and deceleration control, can receive external pulse generator 30kHz input, Table operation to multi-point positioning programming more convenient. Take 8 I / O points in the program, can be used for FX2N and FX2NC.

3. FX2N-10GM and FX-20GM Positioning Controllers

FX2N-10GM is a single-axis positioning unit, FX-20GM is a biaxial positioning unit, can perform linear interpolation, circular interpolation, or independent biaxial control, can work independently, do not have to connect to the PLC. With absolute position detection and manual pulse generator connection, the programming software with flow chart visualizes the programming.

The maximum output frequency is 200kHz, FX-20GM interpolation is 100kHz, occupy 8 input and output points in the program.

4. Programmable cam control unit FX-1RM-SET

In mechanical control systems it is often necessary to switch on or off the external load by detecting the angular position that was previously accomplished with a mechanical cam switch. It requires high precision machining, easy to wear.

Programmable cam control unit FX-1RM-SET for high-precision angular position detection. It can set the angle of action and monitoring. Eight different programs can be stored in the EEPROM. Supporting the brushless angle sensor cable up to 100m. Occupies 8 I / O points in the procedure. Up to 48 points of ON / OFF output can be obtained by connecting the transistor extension module. It can be connected to the CC-Link network using the communication interface module.

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