Mitsubishi servo motor after the shutdown must pay attention to what matters:
1, in the servo motor maintenance test with a plastic nozzle with a vacuum cleaner thoroughly clean the servo inside and outside the cabinet to ensure that no dust around the device. In the case of
2, check the integrity of all electrical connections, check the various circuits are abnormal discharge traces, whether there is smell, color, cracks, damage and so on. In the case of
3, check the Mitsubishi servo motor internal cable connection should be correct and reliable. In the case of
4, check the Mitsubishi servo cabinet all ground should be reliable, no rusty ground. In the case of
5, every six months (within) should be tightened once the servo motor internal cable of the connecting nut. In the case of
6, each time to maintain Mitsubishi servo motor, to carefully check whether the missing screws and wires, etc., to prevent small metal objects caused by short-circuit accident servo motor. Especially after a major change in the electrical circuit, to ensure that the electrical connection of the connection is correct and reliable, to prevent “anti-power” accident occurred. In the case of
7, Mitsubishi servo motor after a long time to resume operation, should be measured servo motor (including phase-shifting transformer, bypass cabinet main circuit) insulation, should use 2500V megger. After the test insulation qualified, to start the servo motor.

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