QJ71C24 is Q series PLC serial communication module, it has RS232 port (CH1) and RS422 mouth (CH2) each one. The A9GT-RS4 or A9GT-RS2 serial communication board can be connected to the QJ71C24 after installing the A900GOT. This way is called a computer link. The specific connection steps are as follows:
1. Install the A9GT-RS4 or A9GT-RS2 communication board to install the corresponding communication driver (A / QnA / Q CPU, QJ71C24).

2. Set the QJ71C24 module with GX Developer.
⑴ Select “Parameter” / “PLC parameter” to make the following settings.

⑵ Click the “switch setting” button to set the switch.
RS422 Connection:

RS232 connection:

3. wiring:
RS422 connection:

Note: GOT side of the 8 and 20 pin to be shorted.
When using the above RS422 way connection can achieve up to 1200 meters long distance connection, in the long distance connection please use shielded twisted pair, as shown above in the QJ71C24 module SDA and SDB and RDA and RDB Between the terminal resistance (330 Ω 1/4 W)
RS232 connection:


Note: pins 7 and 8 on the GOT side are shorted.

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