An AB servomotor (MPL-B640F-MJ24AA) was disassembled to check brakes due to customer ignorance. The encoder attached to the rear of the motor was also removed (unmarked) and the encoder was sick. The SRM50-HFA0- K01. After loading the brake no problem, but speed problems. Servo drive error E18 OVER SPEED or E24 velocity error.

Emergency zeroing method is simple and practical.But the motor must be detached from the device and rely on the device to debug.After try a good job and then install the device again.Actually, after a large number of zeroing test, each servo motor has an angle Zero-speed still less than 10 degrees, and high-speed reversal 350 degrees. If you change an encoder occasionally, this is really too much of a hassle. There is a handy emergency method that can be quickly fixed .

Remove the damaged encoder, install a new encoder, and fixed with the shaft, leaving the adjustable base vacant and free to rotate, reconnect the motor into the circuit, the machine speed is set to zero, power is normal, press the start switch After a few situations will happen,

1, it is the motor high-speed reversal. This is because the difference between the encoder and the actual zero is too large. Do not panic. You can turn the encoder through an angle until the motor stops.

2, the motor is at standstill under the zero speed command. At this time, you can carefully turn the encoder anticlockwise. Note: Be sure to slow down until the motor starts to reverse at high speed. Make a note of this position and immediately call back to the still area Here requires both hands to operate at the same time, one hand for rotation, the other hand take the mark pen, remember the action must be fast, nor panicked, completely unnecessary, it is normal, then clockwise slowly continue until the next high speed Reversal of the occurrence, note the location and immediately transferred back to the quiescent area,

Through the above adjustments, you will find incremental servo motor actually has a wide adjustable area, and the middle of this area is the servo motor maximum torque output point, if a motor torque is insufficient or when there is a positive and negative direction Inadequate torque in the direction is often due to the encoder Z signal weakened or the position off center, that is, zero deviation occurs, the general re-adjust the zero can be.

For a new encoder this quiet area is relatively small, such as a substantial increase in the internal circuit of the encoder is a problem, manifested as insufficient torque or a substantial increase in fever measured with ammeter significantly increased no-load current.

Find the center position and clean the position, as long as the encoder base with 502 plastic directly to the motor side can be fixed to the side. 502 to be done after the machine coated with a layer of silicone rubber can be put into normal operation Practice has proved that under normal circumstances such a servo motor after use for one year is no problem,

As can be seen from the above adjustment, as the encoder shaft and the motor shaft can be arbitrarily connected at any angle, so the encoder zero position and the motor’s mechanical position is only relative position only the encoder shaft and the motor shaft Fixed, then the actual zero position of the encoder will be fixed, and if the position of the movable base is determined, then the location of the stud between the axis of the stud will be fixed.

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