The core of the AGV trolley is its guiding technology. Currently, AGV guiding technologies appear on the market include: electromagnetic induction guidance, magnetic tape, magnetic point guidance, optical guidance, laser guidance, visual guidance, composite guidance, and the like. A brief introduction to these guidance categories is now available:

  1. Electromagnetic induction guidance

This technology is the most widely used technology, and it is also a relatively mature technology. The metal wire is buried in the traveling path of the AGV, and the low frequency and low voltage current are applied to generate a magnetic field around the wire. The induction coil on the AGV passes the navigation magnetic field. The identification and tracking of strong and weak, to achieve the guidance of AGV.

2, optical technology guidance

This technology is also relatively mature. The main principle is to paint or paste the ribbon on the travel path of the AGV, and to guide the identification of the ribbon image signal acquired by the optical sensor.

3, laser guidance

Laser guidance is mainly achieved by reflection of light. A positionally accurate laser reflector is mounted around the AGV travel path. The laser positioning device mounted on the AGV emits a laser beam and collects signals reflected from reflectors at different angles to determine its current position and orientation based on triangular geometry operations. To achieve the guidance of AGV.

4, visual guidance

Vision guidance is the most promising AGV guidance technology. The principle of this technology is to install a CCD camera on the AGV. The AGV collects image information through the visual sensor during driving, and determines the current position of the AGV by processing the image information. The main technical difficulty lies in image processing.

5, composite guidance

Composite guidance refers to the combination of multiple guiding technologies. Because each guiding method has its limitations, in order to meet the needs, the above guiding methods can be combined, and the two guiding methods can achieve seamless docking. To achieve the perfect guidance of the AGV car.

Although each guiding technology of the AGV car can meet the needs of the enterprise, it has certain limitations. It is believed that with the improvement of the guiding technology of the AGV car, there will definitely be a better technology and strategy in the future. Achieve the perfect presentation of AGV trolley guiding technology.

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