SICK encoder to use common faults:

1, the fault itself: refers to the encoder itself component failure, resulting in its failure to produce and output the correct waveform. In this case, replace the encoder or repair its internal components.

2, connecting cable fault: the highest probability of such failures occur, often encountered in maintenance, should be a priority factor. Usually the encoder cable is open, shorted or poorly connected, in which case the cable or connector needs to be replaced. Should also pay special attention to whether it is due to the cable is not tight, causing loosening caused by welding or open circuit, then need to clamp the cable.

3, +5 V power down: refers to the +5 V power is too low, usually not less than 4.75V, resulting in too low due to power supply failure or power transmission cable resistance caused by excessive loss, then the need to repair the power supply or replacement cable.

4, the battery voltage drop: This failure usually have a clear meaning of the alarm, then replace the battery, if the reference point position memory is lost, you must also perform the reference point return operation.

5, cable shielding line is not connected or off: This will introduce interference signals, the waveform instability, affecting the accuracy of communication, we must ensure that the shielded wire welding and grounding reliable.

6, loose installation: This failure will affect the accuracy of position control, resulting in stop and move the amount of deviation in the position deviation, or even just a boot that is servo system overload alarm, please pay special attention.

7, SICK grating pollution This will make the signal output amplitude decreased, you must use cotton wool moistened with alcohol gently wipe the oil.

SICK rotary encoder is a photoelectric rotation measuring device that converts the measured angular displacement directly to a digital signal (high-speed pulse signal).

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