Siemens S7 series PLC small size, fast, standardized, with network communication capabilities, more powerful, more reliable. S7 series PLC products can be divided into micro-PLC (such as S7-200), small-scale performance requirements of PLC (such as S7-300), and high performance requirements of the PLC (such as S7-400).


S7-200PLC is ultra-small PLC, which is suitable for all walks of life, in various occasions, automatic detection, monitoring and control. The powerful function of S7-200PLC makes it stand-alone operation, or even into the network can achieve complex control functions.

S7-200PLC can provide 4 different basic models and 8 kinds of CPU to choose from.


The S7-300 is a modular, small PLC system that meets the requirements of medium performance. A wide range of individual modules can be combined to form different systems. Compared with the S7-200PLC, S7-300PLC modular structure, with high-speed (0.6 ~ 0.1μs) instruction processing speed; floating-point operations more effectively to achieve a more complex arithmetic; a standard user interface software User-friendly tools Assign parameters to all modules. Convenient HMI services are integrated in the S7-300 operating system. Man-machine dialogue programming requirements are greatly reduced.

The SIMATIC HMI takes the data from the S7-300 and the S7-300 sends the data at the user-specified refresh rate. The S7-300 operating system automatically handles the transfer of data; the CPU’s intelligent diagnostic system continuously monitors the system for proper functioning, recording of errors and special system events (eg time-outs, module changes, etc.); multi-level password protection The user height, effectively protect their technical secrets, to prevent unauthorized copying and modification;

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