At present, the traditional manufacturing manufacturing enterprises have been upgrading to industrial automation and industrial robots in a wide range, and the automation level of all walks of life has become higher and higher. Modern processing shops are basically equipped with robots to increase production efficiency, as well as work that is difficult to accomplish manually or dangerous work. Then use the robot to sit back and relax?

In fact, when installing the robot, due to the incorrect operation of the workers, the robot often has some faults of one kind or another. This article combines the past experience of the engineers to share the ten rules for the installation of the robot and the injection molding machine:

1. The direction of installation of the robots in two adjacent injection molding machines should be clear.

2. All movements and movements do not interfere with the switch of the safety door of the injection molding machine.

3. All linear, rotary and other actions of the robot can be set on site, and can be set within a certain error range. Once the error of the set value is exceeded, the alarm will be stopped and stopped, and the fault information will be displayed on the touch screen.

4. When the injection molding machine or robot fails, the injection molding machine and the robot will interlock. That is, when the robot fails, the injection molding machine stops operating; also when the injection molding machine fails, the robot stops.

5, the arm has anti-collision function: When a misoperation occurs, the program has an automatic anti-collision function, which can automatically judge and stop the action according to the motor torque, which can minimize the loss.

6. The action of the robot and the injection molding machine is the same, that is, there is no collision or interference with the operation of the injection molding machine, and the production cycle of the injection molding machine is not excessively extended due to the action of the robot.

7. When the injection molding machine is down (failure, normal shutdown, mold replacement, equipment maintenance, etc.), the robot can be manually placed in a safe position or other necessary position; it will not hinder the replacement of molds and equipment maintenance operations.

8. When the robot fails (such as not in place, the product is not taken out, the product is dropped, etc.), it will immediately alarm and stop on the touch screen to display its fault, which is convenient for quick elimination.

9. Some products require a robot to contain a release agent spray system. The spray release agent can be sprayed accurately into the cavity after opening the mold (the nozzle angle is adjustable), and the dosage can be adjusted to set the spray frequency.

10. All parameters and data settings can be set and modified by computer, then transferred to the robot system for execution, or parameters and data can be directly set on the robot.
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