Due to the complicated programming of the CNC lathe, in order to make the programmed program interchangeable for the same type of machine tool, it also makes the programming simple, the name of the axis and the positive and negative direction of its motion. The International Organization for Standardization has unified the standard coordinate system. The CNC lathe coordinate system is the inherent coordinate system of the special CNC lathe. It is the basis for manufacturing and adjusting the special CNC lathe, and also the basis for setting the workpiece coordinate system. The coordinate system of the special CNC lathe has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and it is generally not allowed to change at will. The reference point is also a fixed limit point on a dedicated CNC lathe, the position of which is determined by a mechanical stop or a travel switch. Confirm the machine coordinate system by returning to the machine zero.

Before the CNC lathe returns to the mechanical zero point, it must be turned on. Before the special CNC lathe is turned on, you must familiarize yourself with the panel of the CNC lathe. The form of the panel is closely related to the CNC system. It is difficult to start the special CNC lathe. For the lathe with the production system. Most of the boot is relatively simple, generally open the power supply, you can directly start the CNC system.

After starting up, return to zero to return the workbench to the origin or reference point of the dedicated CNC lathe, which is a fixed distance from the origin of the dedicated CNC lathe). The return-to-zero reference point of the dedicated CNC lathe is as follows: the switch is placed in the “zero return” position. Press the manual axis feed direction button +X, +Z to return to zero indicator light. After starting the machine, it must return to zero (return to the reference point). If this work is not done, the functions such as pitch error compensation and backlash compensation will not be realized. Setting the machine machine origin is directly related to the G54 command in programming.

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