Optical metrology instruments have been realized from large precision instruments – three coordinate measuring machines to traditional self-collimators and projectors. Microcomputerization and photoelectricization: the combination of laser technology and the introduction of optoelectronic devices such as CCD are faster and more accurate. Reliable online detection and monitoring creates the conditions.

In the next 10 years, the development and application of high and new technology will further promote the integration and intelligence of optical and electrical calculations for optical instruments. Today’s intelligent instruments should be more accurately referred to as “microcomputerized” instruments. The high degree of intelligence is the highest level of information technology. It should include a series of functions such as understanding, reasoning, judgment and analysis. It is the result of the combination of numerical, logical and knowledge analysis. The symbol of intelligence is the expression and application of knowledge. The continuous development and functional improvement of electronic technology, computer technology and optoelectronic devices have created conditions for the intelligent development of instruments to higher levels.

In the next 10 years, the penetration of light and electricity will be further strengthened, and more new technologies and devices will be promoted and applied. Therefore, different principles are integrated on the basis of the integration of optical and electrical calculations, and new products are derived to meet various fields. Growing demand. The development and application of optoelectronic devices and functional materials with excellent performance will accelerate the development of modern optical instruments. Manufacturing technologies such as CCD devices, semiconductor lasers, and fiber optic sensors have matured, and applications have been breakthroughs, showing broad application prospects. It will certainly make important changes in the field of optical instruments, and promote the development of products to miniaturization, high resolution, optoelectronics and automation.

The future optical metrology instrumentation is to simplify the design, compress a large number of components, improve intelligence and ease of operation, and develop online measurement and test instruments.

The use of new physics effects and high-tech and its achievements to develop new types of measurement and test instruments and new sensor technologies with high sensitivity, high stability and strong anti-interference ability. Such as: the use of high temperature superconducting quantum interference device (SGUID) to develop measurement and testing equipment, physical testing equipment, geoscience and geology instruments, chemical analysis equipment, medical equipment, non-destructive materials testing equipment. The use of ellipsometry to detect optical fibers, optical glass, etc. is well known. It combines with near-field optics to measure not only the surface fine structure, but also the near-field optical reflection polarization information to distinguish the measured object. Materials, this is a new exploration of current experimental research.

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