In the context of the rapid development of information technology, smart agriculture is highly anticipated. Smart Agriculture is a new agricultural production method that integrates Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing and Internet of Things technologies. It combines with scientific management system to enable comprehensive and comprehensive application of multiple information technologies in agriculture. Pushing agriculture to accelerate.

So how does smart agriculture help promote the upgrading of the agricultural industry chain? Mainly from three major aspects to promote the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural industrial chain.

From artificial to intelligent

1. In the process of planting and breeding production, get rid of human dependence, build an agricultural production automation system and platform that integrates environmental physiological monitoring, crop model analysis and precise adjustment, improve agricultural production process according to natural ecological conditions, and produce differentiated agricultural products. .

2. In the food safety chain, build a traceability system for agricultural products, record and store various relevant information of agricultural product production and processing, and query and certify agricultural products on the network through food identification numbers, and trace the entire information.

3. In the production management, especially in some farming areas, modern agricultural industrial parks, large farms and other units, intelligent facilities and the Internet are widely used in agricultural soil testing formulas, mouthwash operations plans and farm production data management and other production planning systems to improve efficiency. .

Highlight individualized and differentiated marketing methods

The application of technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing will break the time and space geographical restrictions of the agricultural market, and the data of agricultural materials procurement and agricultural product circulation will be monitored and transmitted in real time, effectively solving the problem of information asymmetry.

In addition, the recent development of agricultural leisure tourism and farmhouse music has promoted the promotion and sale of leisure tourism products through websites and online publicity channels, and provided personalized tourism services for tourists, which has become a new way for farmers to increase their income and a new form of rural economy.

Provide accurate, dynamic and scientific information services

Information services for “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” disseminate advanced agricultural science and technology knowledge, production management information and agricultural science and technology consulting services for agricultural operators, and guide leading enterprises, agricultural professional cooperatives and farmers to manage their own agricultural production systems and marketing activities, and improve The level of agricultural production management decision-making, enhance the market’s ability to resist risks, do a good job of saving costs and increasing profits.

At the same time, technologies such as cloud computing and big data have also promoted the digitization and modernization of agricultural management, promoted the efficiency and transparency of agricultural management, and improved the administrative efficiency of the agricultural sector.

Under the advanced information technology, smart agriculture has opened up the agricultural industrial chain and allowed farmers to benefit from the entire development process. It can be said that smart agriculture is the best choice for developing modern agriculture.

What are the three development models of the smart agricultural industry chain?

Establish a hybrid vertical integration link mechanism

In order to realize the common strategic interests of agricultural industrial chain cooperative enterprises and enable enterprises that join the industrial chain to benefit, it is necessary to form a long-term cooperative game mechanism to strengthen cooperation among member companies, so that member companies can share risks and share benefits. . This mechanism is a hybrid vertical integration connection.

Establish the organization form of “company + agricultural park + market”

In the production mode of “company + park + farmer”, the company is dominant. Ensure the uniform design of the park; the formulation of production standards; the supply of input materials (fertilizer, feed, etc.); technical guidance; recycling, processing, sales; brand promotion; organization of loan guarantee companies.

Establish a management system of “brand + standard + scale”

The success of the agricultural industry chain depends on the benefits of the entire industrial chain, and the efficiency of the industrial chain depends on the “brand + standard + scale” operating system. Among them, the brand is the main means to realize the price increase of the terminal products. Without the brand premium of the terminal products, there is no increase in the value of the entire chain, and the risk cannot be avoided.

One of the reasons for the failure of the traditional agricultural industry chain is that the market risk of each chain cannot be avoided because of the brand premium. Standardization is the guarantee of the brand. It is precisely because of the strict implementation of the standard that the brand can have a premium space. The scale is to copy and enlarge the industrial chain model and achieve scale effect.

Wisdom agriculture uses the Internet of Things technology to realize automatic control methods such as intelligent irrigation, intelligent fertilization and intelligent spraying, which is conducive to reducing agricultural production costs, improving efficiency, and protecting the rural ecological environment. Therefore, this model has been vigorously promoted by the state. In addition to the first time, smart agriculture has also promoted the “three-oriented” development of agriculture.

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