When the control system introduces PLC, it should select the PLC model according to the control object, but please pay attention to the following points when choosing:

[PLC model selection points]

◆ Control scale (I/O points)

According to different control scales, the necessary input and output points (I/O) are different.

However, it is also necessary to take into account future transformation requirements, retain appropriate margins, and then calculate necessary

Input and output points, choose the best model. If you do not have enough points, you cannot control it.

Please be careful not to cause insufficient points. The

FP0 32 point type: Input 16 points Output 16 points = 32 points in total

: Maximum 128 points

◆ Instruction processing speed

The processing speed of an instruction is an important factor that determines the processing time (mechanical speed) of the program.

Pay attention to the processing speed when writing long and complicated programs.

(However, in recent years, the PLC has been accelerated, and there is basically no problem with the processing speed when it is used for general purposes.)

The latest model of the FP series The basic instructions of the FP2SH have a processing speed of 30 nanoseconds

30 ns = 0. 000 000 030 seconds

◆ Program capacity

The program capacity of the PLC is expressed in units of [step].

The program is an important factor in determining the mechanical action. The necessary procedures vary depending on the content of the control, but at least

Need to input and output points about 100 times the program capacity.

FP0 32 points = 5000 steps

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