Wei Lun touch screen are not allowed
A surface acoustic wave touch screen system, with the fingers touch the monitor screen parts can not normally complete the corresponding operation.
[Failure analysis processing]
This phenomenon may be the sound wave Wei Lun touch screen in the use of a period of time, the screen around the reflection of the stripes covered with dust, can be wiped with a dry soft cloth, and then power, restart the computer and re-calibration. There may be a sound wave screen reflection stripes are slightly damaged, if you encounter this situation will not be completely repaired.
If it is capacitive Wei Lun touch screen in the following circumstances can run the screen calibration program: (start – program – Microtouch Touchware)
1) the first time to complete the installation of driver software.
2) Each time you change the monitor’s resolution or display mode.
3) Each time the displayed display area is changed.
4) After adjusting the frequency of the controller each time.
5) Each time the cursor does not correspond to the touch point.
After calibration, the calibrated data is stored in the controller’s registers, so there is no need to calibrate the screen each time the system is started.

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