A surface acoustic wave touch screen system, where the finger touches the screen of the display, cannot normally perform the corresponding operation.

[Fault Analysis Processing]

This phenomenon may be the sound wave Wei Lun touch screen in use for some time, the reflective stripe around the screen is covered with dust, use a dry soft cloth to wipe, and then power off, restart the computer and recalibrate. It is also possible that the reflective stripes of the acoustic screen are slightly damaged, and if this is the case, it cannot be completely repaired.

If it is a capacitive ferrite touch screen, the screen calibration procedure can be run under the following conditions: (Start–Programs–Microtouch Touchware)

1) Complete the installation of the driver software for the first time.

2) After changing the resolution or display mode of the display each time.

3) After changing the display area of ​​the display each time.

4) After adjusting the frequency of the controller each time.

5) Each time the cursor and the touch point do not correspond.

After calibration, the calibrated data is stored in the controller’s registers so that the screen does not need to be calibrated after each system startup.
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