1, air conditioning load class
Office buildings, shopping malls and some supermarkets, the factory has a central air conditioning, electricity peak in the summer, air conditioning power consumption is very large. In hot weather, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen air conditioning power consumption accounted for more than 40% of peak power. Therefore, with the frequency conversion device, drag the air conditioning system, refrigeration pump, cold water pump, fan is a very good energy-saving technology. At present, there are many companies specializing in air-conditioning energy-saving companies, including the main technology is frequency control power saving.
2, crusher class load
Metallurgical mining, building materials application of a lot of crusher, ball mill, the load after the effect of significant conversion.
3, large furnace calciner furnace load
Metallurgy, building materials, caustic soda and other large industrial rotary kiln (converter) before most of the use of DC, commutator motor, slip motor, cascade speed or IF unit speed. As these speed mode or slip ring or low efficiency, in recent years, many units using frequency control, the effect is excellent.
4, the compressor class load
Compressors also belong to the application of a wide range of loads. Low-pressure compressors are widely used in various industrial sectors, high-pressure high-capacity compressors in steel (such as oxygen), mines, fertilizers, ethylene have more applications. Using frequency control, are brought to start a small current, energy saving, optimizing equipment life and so on.
5, rolling mill class load
In the metallurgical industry, in the past, large-scale rolling mill multi-use AC-AC frequency converter, in recent years, AC-DC-AC converter, rolling mill exchange is a trend, especially in light-load rolling mill, such as Ningxia National Aluminum Plant multi-rack Aluminum rolling unit using a common inverter to meet the low-frequency load start, inter-rack synchronous operation, constant tension control, simple and reliable operation.
6, hoist class load
Hoist class load using frequency control, stable and reliable. Iron mill blast furnace hoisting equipment is the main iron ore raw material conveying equipment. It requires Kai, brake smooth, acceleration and deceleration evenly, high reliability. The original use of cascade, DC or rotor string resistance speed mode, low efficiency, poor reliability. With AC inverter instead of the speed control mode, you can achieve the desired results.
7, converter load
Converter type load, with AC variable frequency replacement DC unit is simple and reliable, stable operation.
8, roller class load
Roller type load, and more in the iron and steel metallurgy industry, the use of AC motor frequency control, can improve equipment reliability and stability.

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