Nowadays motors are applied in all walks of life, and our life is more and more inseparable from the magical machinery of electric motor, a machine that can convert electric energy into mechanical energy. Well, as we all know, people have life expectancy. However, these mechanical and electrical equipment that exist in our lives are of a life-long purpose. So how do we extend the motor to accompany us? There is no loss of motor efficiency? So, first of all, we are familiar with some of the motor starting method to see in the end is what way to make the motor more time with us.
According to the current situation, we are familiar with the motor starting in general there are five kinds, namely: full pressure direct start, self-buck start, y-delta start and we are now respected soft-start and start the inverter.
First of all, let’s look at the full pressure direct start, the so-called full pressure direct start is in the grid capacity and load both allow full pressure direct start case, you can consider the use of full pressure direct start. The advantage of this start-up is easy operation and control, easy maintenance, and more economical. However, the disadvantage of this start-up is that it will cause grid impact, mechanical impact and impact on the production machinery at the time of starting, which will affect the service life of the motor.
Secondly, I take a look at self-starting buck, that is, the use of autotransformer multi-tap decompression, both to meet the needs of different load start, but also get more starting torque, is often used to start Decompression starting of a larger capacity motor. Its biggest advantage is a large starting torque, when the winding taps at 80%, the starting torque up to 64% of direct start. And the starting torque can be adjusted by tap. However, the drawbacks of such a start-up cost is higher, and buck-starting from there are some of these red lines on the grid, the impact of machinery and the impact on the production machinery. So, for the life of the motor, still not fundamentally solve the problem.
Then we have a look y-δ start, the so-called y-δ start is the normal operation of the stator winding delta connection of squirrel-cage induction motor, if the stator winding when connected into a star, to be started After the completion of the triangle, you can reduce the starting current, reduce its impact on the grid. Such a starting method is called star delta decompression starting, or simply called star delta starting (y-δ starting). This kind of start-up is somewhat due to the motor start-up current is proportional to the supply voltage, while the start-up current provided by the grid at this time only 1/3 of the full-voltage start-up current, so the main advantage to reduce the impact of start-up current on the grid. However, this presumably creates a disturbance at the same time because it is achieved at the expense of power in exchange for a reduction of the starting current. So in the production process will cause some loss.
Next, let’s look at the fourth way to start-soft-start, the so-called soft-start is the use of thyristor phase-shifting voltage regulator to achieve the motor starting voltage regulator, mainly for motor starting control. The soft starter is that it can help the motor start smoothly, greatly reducing the impact on the power grid, machinery and production machinery and equipment on start-up, extending the life of the motor on a large basis, and will not affect the motor Of production efficiency, but the drawback of soft-start is to increase the cost of some, but think carefully, based on the extension of the motor life so as not to affect the production efficiency, is not it also cost some savings?
Finally, we take a look at the inverter start, the inverter is the most modern motor control technology, the most complete control functions, control the best motor control device, which by changing the frequency of the motor to regulate the motor speed and torque. Because it involves power electronic technology, microcomputer technology, so the high cost of maintenance technicians are also high requirements, it is mainly used in the need for speed control and speed control demanding areas. Therefore, although this control mode is very strong, but because of the high cost, coupled with the requirements of the technical staff, so this way of starting is not the best way for the company to start the motor (of course, Some large-scale enterprises except)
Through the above analysis, do you understand the motor starting a variety of ways? If you want to know more about the electrical knowledge, please stay tuned to us.

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