The backup battery of the machine tool encoder runs out of power when the backup battery of the encoder is exhausted or has been lost. The machine can not operate normally. Here, you must re-set the reference point or the origin to correct the coaxiality is to move the spindle of the machine tool in the appropriate position, the spindle and the clamp body corresponding to the drill sleeve coaxial, that is, find Position of workpiece processing position. The company is located in:

Coaxial alignment method is as follows will be connected to the machine M port, then in the mode should select the corresponding axis mode can be jogging machine, jogging machine speed can be used to adjust the rate. Will be equipped with a header or special measuring tool inserted into the spindle bore The tool inserted into the part with the spindle bore with a certain amount or hand wheel jog the corresponding axis, adjust the position of the machine, the probe slowly into Inside the drill, stop taking care when entering the proper depth to avoid placing the probe in the corroded or worn area of ​​the drill to avoid touching the probe to the equipment. The company is located in:

Then slowly rotate the spindle a few times or a few laps to record the movement of the hands (horizontal machine, there are up and down about four vertical machine tools, there are four positions around), if the coaxial Not within the scope of the requirements of coaxial requirements can refer to the static accuracy of the machine according to the swing situation, jog the corresponding axis of the machine, re-adjust the position of the machine until the concentricity meets the requirements, that is, Requirements, done above work, coaxial alignment is completed. The company is located in:

From the above conditions and processing procedures can be known coordinates of the hydraulic tappet hole center coordinates for hydraulic tappet hole center. Connected by pressing the key on the control panel, and then press the soft key to display the screen, will set the parameters can be rewritten at this time. Call the parameters of the position and position according to the information prompts to disconnect the machine power, and then re-open the machine power and back to the reference point, the reference point found at this time may not be able to meet the position requirements of the workpiece processing position. The company is located in:

Move the machine to a known condition or known by the above, the machine in the position, the program coordinate data for the position or position to find the same degree of co-axial method used to find out the coordinate data at this time Use another coordinate data to get the machine tool back to the coordinate data If overtravel alarm occurs during the movement, modify the data of the corresponding axis of the parameter to eliminate the overtravel alarm. All the work is done.

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