Q: Siemens touch screen crashes, how point is useless, restart and normal power off, I do not know what is the reason?
A: 1, crashes for two reasons: software or hardware.
First rule out the software, you can use the software to restore the factory settings. The same thing happens if you can not set the recovery settings or restore the settings of the settings. That is the hardware problem. Only send repair.
2, backup and recovery operations can only operate between the same type of screen.

OS update Refer to the following steps, depending on your touchscreen model:
The steps for OS update are as follows:
1.HMI device power, good hardware communication connection, and in the control panel to set a good download path.
2. Select the menu command “Project ▶ Transfer ▶ Communication Settings” in WinCCflexible of the configuration computer.
This will open the Communication Settings dialog box.
3. Select the HMI device type.
Set the connection parameters.
5. Click “OK” to close the dialog box.
6. Select the menu command “Project ▶ Transfer ▶ Update operating system” in WinCC flexible.
7. In “Image Path”, select the folder containing the HMI device image * .img.
The HMI device image can be found under “WinCCflexibleImages” in the WinCCflexible installation folder,
Or on the appropriate WinCCflexible installation CD.
8. Choose “Open”.
After opening the image file, the HMI device image file version information is displayed in the output area.
9. Select “Update OS” in WinCCflexible to run operating system updates. Follow the instructions of WinCCflexible. A status view appears indicating the operating system’s update progress.
Note: OS update time is longer, the update is over the system will automatically restart, and then restart before you can not power off, otherwise it can only take maintenance. End of the update system will automatically restart, it is recommended to use Ethernet update, can be much faster.

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