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Low-voltage electrical appliance definition Low-voltage electrical appliances refer to appliances with rated voltages below 1200V AC and 1500V DC. In China’s industrial control circuit, the most commonly used three-phase AC voltage level is 380V, and other voltage grades are only used in specific industry environments, such as 127V for electric drills under coal mines, 660V […]

General stepper motor drivers are constant current chopping. So, in practical applications, what effect does the driver drive voltage and driver set current have on the performance of the stepper motor? In general: voltage affects speed and current affects torque. The torque frequency characteristics of stepper motors are all tested under a certain current and […]

1 basic parameters of the resistor: Engineers who are new to hardware circuit design may have a first impression of resistance. The resistance of the conductor described in the physics book to the current is called resistance. It is represented by the symbol R, in ohms, kiloohms, and megaohms. , KΩ, MΩ said. The main […]

The main elements of the influence or resistance ratio test are: a. Ambient temperature and humidity The resistance value of a typical material decreases as the ambient temperature and humidity increase. For the opposite, the external resistance (ratio) is sensitive to ambient humidity. The bulk resistance (ratio) is more sensitive to temperature. The humidity increases […]