Low-voltage electrical appliance definition

Low-voltage electrical appliances refer to appliances with rated voltages below 1200V AC and 1500V DC. In China’s industrial control circuit, the most commonly used three-phase AC voltage level is 380V, and other voltage grades are only used in specific industry environments, such as 127V for electric drills under coal mines, 660V for transport aircraft, and 1140V for coal mining machinery.

There are also different definitions for electrical components that are commonly referred to as appliances, which automatically and manually turn on and off the circuit, as well as those that are capable of switching, controlling, protecting, detecting, transforming, and adjusting circuits or non-electrical objects. Low-voltage electrical appliances refer to electrical products used in the circuits of rated voltage up to and including 1,200 V AC and rated voltage up to 1500 V DC, which act as on-off, protection, control or regulation.


Voltage appliance classification

Low-voltage electrical classification

1. Classification by Application (1) Control Electrical Appliances Electrical appliances for various control circuits and control systems. For example, contactors, controllers, starters, etc. (2) Master electrical appliances Electrical appliances that send control commands in automatic control systems. Such as button switch, master switch, travel switch and so on. (3) Protection appliances Electrical appliances used to protect circuits and electrical equipment. Such as fuses, thermal relays, arresters and so on. (4) Distribution Electrical Appliances Electrical appliances used for electrical energy delivery and distribution. Such as circuit breakers, knife switches and so on. (5) Execute electrical appliances that perform certain actions or transmission functions. Such as electromagnets, electromagnetic clutches and so on.

2. Classified by working principle (1) Electromagnetic appliances Electrical appliances that work according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. Such as AC and DC contactors, a variety of electromagnetic relays. (2) Non-electricity control appliances The work of electrical appliances is electrical appliances that act on external forces or some non-electrical physical quantities. Such as knife switch, speed relay, pressure relay, temperature relay and so on.


Low-voltage electrical appliance brands and manufacturers

France Schneider (TE, Merlin Gerin, Square D), Germany’s Siemens SIEMENS, Admiralty Moeller MOELLER, Taiwan Shihlin SHIHLIN, Japan Fuji FUJI, Mitsubishi MISUBISHI, Sweden ABB, United States AB, France Legrand LEGRAND, Shanghai II APT, Tin Yat Electric and so on.

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