29Dec 2017

This is a circuit topology developed in recent years. It mainly consists of three parts: input transformer, power unit and control unit. The modular design, due to the power unit connected to each other in series to solve the problem of high voltage named, can be directly driven AC motor, without the need for output […]

22Jan 2018

1. Mitsubishi PLC (Introduction FX Series) Enter the address is to X1, X2, X3, etc., the output is Y1, Y2, Y3, as long as the programming and wiring consistent, and the computer connected with SC-09 line, Genuine with grounding line is 350 yuan, the program Download to the computer DIP switch to ON, the program […]

26Feb 2018

1, Matsushita digital AC servo system MHMA 2KW, when the test machine on a power, the motor vibrates and there is a lot of noise, then the drive appears on the 16th alarm, how to solve? This phenomenon is generally due to the driver’s gain setting is too high, resulting in self-oscillation. Please adjust the […]

20Mar 2018

Touch screen is a kind of man-machine interface, but there are differences Human-Computer Interface (Human-Computer Interface, also known as user interface or user interface): It is the media and dialogue interface between people and computers to transfer and exchange information. It is an important part of the computer system. It realizes the transformation between the […]

15Apr 2018

1. Diagnosing Power Supply Short-Circuit Fault Using Resistance Comparison Method Barrier example: FANUC-BESK servo drive board ten 15V load soft-break burning fuse. In our maintenance, the primary cause of the fault was a partial short circuit in the load, and a ten-thousand-volt resistance to ground was measured with a digital meter. The normal board was […]

10May 2018

1 hardware interface and communication protocol research There is an RS232 interface in the basic configuration of Yaskawa Inverter. It uses a computer to monitor one inverter. The communication cable can be directly connected according to the definition of the Inverter and computer communication interface. No additional conversion equipment is required. 1. Inverter installation Block […]