14Jun 2017

HA100C-S HA83NC-S/OSA253 HC102T-SZ/OSA104S2 HF-SE52 HA100NCB-S HA83NC-S/OSE104 HC103T-SX HA900N-SR HA100NCB-S/OSE104 HA83NC-S/OSE253 HC121 HC102BS-SX HA100NC-E33 HA-FH23C-Y HC13BS-SZ-E51 HF75S-A48 HA100NC-S HA-FF23C-S5 HC152T-A47 HF105S-A48 HA100NC-S/OHE25K-6 HA-FH13C-Y HC152T-SE/OSE104S2 HF105BS-A48 HA100NC-S/OSA104 HF75S-A48 HC152BT-SZ HF54S-A48 HA100NC-S/OSE104 HF105S-A48 HC152T-SZ HF104S-A48 HA100NC-S/OSE253 HF105BS-A48 HC153BS-SZ HF104BS-A48 HA103NCB-S HF54S-A48 HC153BS-SZ-E51 HF154S-A48 HA103NC-S HF104S-A48 HC153BT HF154BS-A48 HA200C-S HF104BS-A48 HC153BT-A42 HF224S-A48 HA200NCB/OSA104 HF154S-A48 HC153T HF123S-A48 HA200NCB-S HF154BS-A48 HC153T-A42 […]

01Jul 2017

1761 MicroLogix 1000 Controllers 1761-L10BWA 6 inputs , 4 contact outputs, 24V DC sink/source 1761-L10BWB 6 inputs , 4 contact outputs, 24V DC sink/source 1761-L10BXB 6 input s24V DC sink/source,2 contact outputs, 2 source 24V DC outputs 1761-L16AWA 10 inputs,120 v ac, 6 contact outputs 1761-L32AWA 20 inputs 120 vac, 12 contact output 1761-L16BWA 10 […]

19Jul 2017

FR-A720-0.75K FR-A720-1.5K FR-A720-11K FR-A720-15K FR-A720-18.5K FR-A720-2.2K FR-A720-22K FR-A720-3.7K FR-A720-30K FR-A720-5.5K FR-A720-7.5K FR-A740-0.4K FR-A740-0.75K FR-A740-1.5K FR-A740-11K FR-A740-15K FR-A740-18.5K FR-A740-2.2K FR-A740-22K FR-A740-3.7K FR-A740-30K FR-A740-37K FR-A740-5.5K FR-A740-7.5K FR-A7AL FR-A7AP FR-A7AX FR-A7AY FR-A7NC FR-A7NC-E-KIT FR-A840-11K-1 FR-A840-15K-1 FR-A840-18.5K-1 FR-A840-2.2K-1 FR-A840-22K-1 FR-A840-3.7K-1 FR-A840-5.5K-1 FR-A840-7.5K-1 FR-A8AP FR-A8AX FR-A8AY FR-ABR-0.75K FR-ABR-2.2K FR-ADP FR-B-750 FR-BSF01

19Aug 2017

If you make a picture with FX-PCS-DU / WIN-C software: Select “Show and Project” / “System Settings …” / “Control Elements” and set the control elements in the dialog box shown. Since the GOT occupies 8 bits in the PLC (default is M0 ~ M7) and 8 words (default is D0 ~ D7). Only when […]

03Sep 2017

END (FUN01) function of the instruction: END instruction is the end of the program instructions, written in the last line of all procedures. lL (FUN02) The IL instruction is a branch instruction that forms a new bus at the branch. It makes programming easy and intuitive graphics. IL is used in pairs with ILC instructions. […]