25Jun 2017

With these Separate-amplifier Sensors, the light from the Amplifier is transmitted through a fiber to enable detection in narrow places, other locations with limited access. E32 Series Through-beam Fiber Units Sensing direction (Aperture angle) Size Appearance (mm) Bending radius of cable Sensing distance (mm) Optical axis diameter (minimum sensing object) Models E3X-HD E3NX-FA Rightangle (Approx. […]

12Jul 2017

FX1S The controllers of the FX1S series deliver outstanding functionality with up to 30 inputs and outputs in a very compact package. The FX1S is ideal for applications in difficult-to-access installations and systems where normal servicing is not possible. The integrated real-time clock and maintenance-free EEPROM with capacity for up to 2,000 program steps make […]

13Aug 2017

QJ71C24 is Q series PLC serial communication module, it has RS232 port (CH1) and RS422 mouth (CH2) each one. The A9GT-RS4 or A9GT-RS2 serial communication board can be connected to the QJ71C24 after installing the A900GOT. This way is called a computer link. The specific connection steps are as follows: 1. Install the A9GT-RS4 or […]

29Aug 2017

The following describes the hardware / software conditions: no RS232 serial port notebook computer, Omron CPM2AH-60CDR type PLC, Cx-Programmer V5.0 programming software.   1. Cx-Programmer V5.0 is not stable with PLC: Computer and PLC connection: computer USB port (the computer does not RS232 serial port) ← → [USB to RS232 cable USB plug ← → […]

12Sep 2017

1, the working principle Its working principle is through the temperature sensor to automatically check the ambient temperature, real-time monitoring, when the ambient temperature is higher than the control set value when the control circuit starts, you can set the control hysteresis. If the temperature is still rising, when rising to the set limit alarm […]