17Jun 2017

Spindle Drive Unit MDS-A-SP-110 MDS-B-SP-75 MDS-B-SPJ2X-01 MDS-C1-SPH-37 MDS-A-SP-220 MDS-B-SPH-110 MDS-C1-SP-075 MDS-C1-SPH-55 MDS-A-SP-260 MDS-B-SPH-150 MDS-C1-SP-110 MDS-C1-SPH-75 MDS-A-SP-75 MDS-B-SPH-260 MDS-C1-SP-150 MDS-C1-SPH-185 MDS-A-SPH-185 MDS-B-SPH-300 MDS-C1-SP-185 MDS-C1-SPM-110 MDS-A-SPJ-22 MDS-B-SPJ2-110 MDS-C1-SP-22 MDS-C1-SPM-150 MDS-A-SPJ-37 MDS-B-SPJ2-22 MDS-C1-SP-220 MDS-C1-SPM-220 MDS-A-SPJ-55 MDS-B-SPJ2-37 MDS-C1-SP-260 MDS-C1-SPM-260 MDS-A-SPJ-75 MDS-B-SPJ2-55 MDS-C1-SP-300 MDS-C1-SPM-300 MDS-A-CSP-370C MDS-B-SPJ2-75 MDS-C1-SP-75 MDS-D-SP-20 MDS-B-SPJ2-185 MDS-B-SP-370 MDS-C1-SPH-110 MDS-D-SP-40 MDS-B-SPM-370 MDS-B-SP-450 MDS-C1-SPH-150 MDS-D-SP-80 MDS-B-SP-075 MDS-B-SPH-450 MDS-C1-SPH-220 MDS-D-SP-160 […]

04Jul 2017

EE-SX47/67 Connector Appearance Sensing method Connecting method Sensing distance Output configuration Indicator mode Model NPN output PNP output Standard Through- beam type (with slot) Connector (4 poles) 5 mm (slot width) (Infrared light) Dark-ON/ Light-ON (selectable) *3 *4 Incident light EE-SX670 EE-SX670P No incident light EE-SX670A EE-SX670R Light-ON Incident light EE-SX470 — L-shaped Dark-ON/ Light-ON […]

23Jul 2017

MDS-C1-V2-4520 MDS-CH-V1-05 MDS-DH-V1-40 MDS-CH-V1-10 MDS-DH-V1-80 MDS-CH-V1-20 MDS-DH-V1-80W MDS-CH-V1-35 MDS-DH-V1-160 MDS-CH-V1-45 MDS-DH-V1-160W MDS-CH-V1-70 MDS-DH-V1-200 MDS-CH-V1-90 MDS-DH-V2-1010 MDS-CH-V2-2010 MDS-DH-V2-2010 MR-J2-60CT MDS-CH-V2-3520 MDS-DH-V2-2020 MR-J2-100CT MDS-CH-V2-3535 MDS-DH-V2-4020 MR-J2-200CT MDS-CH-V2-4535 MDS-DH-V2-4040 MR-J2-350CT MDS-DH-V1-10 MDS-DH-V2-8040 MR-J2S-60CT4 MDS-DH-V1-20 MDS-DH-V2-8080 MR-J2S-100CT4

23Aug 2017

Abstract: This paper introduces the economical large-scale AnSH PLC and the economical compact FX2N PLC and its corresponding function module and FR-540 frequency converter, and adopts the fieldbus CC-1 with high transmission rate and good reliability. Link, the structure of a set of real-time strong, reliable and accurate real-time distributed remote simulation system. The development […]

06Sep 2017

OMRON PLC network main types are: Ethernet (Ethernet), SYSMAC NET network, SYSMAC Link network, Controller Link network, HOST Link network, PC Link network, Remote I / O network, CompoBus / D, CompoBus / S network. CompoBus / D is an open, multi-master device network with remote switching and analog I / Is a more ideal […]