25Oct 2017

Touch screen can not be used because of the failure of the situation: This is mainly because the touch screen is a relatively sophisticated equipment, coupled with the touch screen is open to the public for the nature of the use of its high frequency, the use of personnel quality varies greatly, resulting in frequent […]

10Nov 2017

PLC mainly by CPU module, input module, output module and programmer (see Figure 1), and some PLCs can also be equipped with special function modules, used to accomplish some special tasks. 1. CPU module CPU module mainly by the microprocessor (CPU chip) and memory components. In the PLC control system plant CPU module is equivalent […]

27Nov 2017

Switches and sensors can be used to check that the parts, doors and guards are properly locked before the equipment is operational. These locks are crucial to ensure the accuracy of the production, the smooth and safe operation of the equipment. But all wired devices – whether limit switches or proximity sensors are not only […]

13Dec 2017

Nowadays motors are applied in all walks of life, and our life is more and more inseparable from the magical machinery of electric motor, a machine that can convert electric energy into mechanical energy. Well, as we all know, people have life expectancy. However, these mechanical and electrical equipment that exist in our lives are […]

29Dec 2017

This is a circuit topology developed in recent years. It mainly consists of three parts: input transformer, power unit and control unit. The modular design, due to the power unit connected to each other in series to solve the problem of high voltage named, can be directly driven AC motor, without the need for output […]

22Jan 2018

1. Mitsubishi PLC (Introduction FX Series) Enter the address is to X1, X2, X3, etc., the output is Y1, Y2, Y3, as long as the programming and wiring consistent, and the computer connected with SC-09 line, Genuine with grounding line is 350 yuan, the program Download to the computer DIP switch to ON, the program […]