03Jul 2017

omorn limit switch WL/WLM Actuator Roller lever R38 Roller lever R50 Roller lever R63 Item Model Model Model Basic Standard load WLCA2 WLCA2-7 WLCA2-8 Microload WL01CA2 WL01CA2-7 WL01CA2-8 Overtravel General-purpose Standard load WLH2 – – Microload WL01H2 – – High-sensitivity Standard load WLG2 – – Microload WL01G2 – – 90° operation Standard load WLCA2-2 – […]

21Jul 2017

MDS-A-CR-10 MDS-B-CV-260 MDS-B-CVE-370 MDS-C1-CV-55 MDS-A-CR-55 MDS-B-CV-300 MDS-B-CVE-450 MDS-C1-CV-75 MDS-A-CR-75 MDS-B-CV-37 MDS-B-CVE-550 MDS-D-CV-37 MDS-A-CR-90 MDS-B-CV-55 MDS-C1-CV-110 MDS-D-CV-75 MDS-A-CV-150 MDS-B-CV-75 MDS-C1-CV-150 MDS-D-CV-110 MDS-A-CV-185 MDS-B-CVE-110 MDS-C1-CV-185 MDS-D-CV-185 MDS-A-CV-300 MDS-B-CVE-150 MDS-C1-CV-220 MDS-D-CV-300 MDS-B-CV-110 MDS-B-CVE-185 MDS-C1-CV-260 MDS-D-CV-370 MDS-B-CV-150 MDS-B-CVE-300 MDS-C1-CV-300 MDS-D-CV-450 MDS-B-CV-185 MDS-B-CVE-37 MDS-C1-CV-37 MDS-D-CV-550

06Aug 2017

Processing center loading and unloading robot, can replace the manual boring and milling processing unit production line vertical, horizontal, gantry machining center, CNC boring and milling machine in the processing of the workpiece handling, picking, loading and unloading operations such as loading and unloading And process conversion. Has the following characteristics: The same time as […]

21Aug 2017

[Introduction] Mitsubishi Electric FA control technology can strongly support the innovation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, can shorten the installation and commissioning cycle and reduce software development costs, equipment can be high performance, process stability, equipment, intelligent, greatly reducing the installation area. This example is the Mitsubishi industrial products in a semiconductor cleaning device on the […]

05Sep 2017

1. Mitsubishi PLC (introduced FX series) The input address is to X1, X2, X3, etc., the output is to Y1, Y2, Y3, as long as the programming and wiring can be consistent, and the computer connection with SC-09 line, genuine with ground line of 350 yuan, Download to the computer DIP switch into the ON, […]