29Jun 2017

Solid-state Multi-functional Timers [H3CR-A] Multiple Operating Modes and Multiple Time Ranges. DIN 48 x 48-mm Multifunctional Timer. – A wide AC/DC power supply range greatly reduces the number of timer models kept in stock. – A wide range of applications with multiple operating modes,eight modes for 11-pin models and   five modes for 8-pin models. – […]

16Jul 2017

FR-D720-0.2K FR-D720-0.4K FR-D720-0.75K FR-D720-1.5K FR-D720-2.2K FR-D720-3.7K FR-D720S-0.1K FR-D720S-0.2K FR-D720S-0.4K FR-D720S-0.75K FR-D720S-1.5K FR-D720S-2.2K FR-D740-0.4K FR-D740-0.4K-CHT FR-D740-0.75K FR-D740-0.75K-CHT FR-D740-1.5K FR-D740-1.5K-CHT FR-D740-11K FR-D740-15K FR-D740-2.2K FR-D740-2.2K-CHT FR-D740-3.7K FR-D740-3.7K-CHT FR-D740-5.5K FR-D740-7.5K FR-D740-7.5K-CHT

02Aug 2017

Omron project 1) Project background The project is part of the IMS Center and the Japanese company Omron, is committed to the development of existing systems for value-added cooperation. The project has established an Precision Energy Management System (PEMS) that reduces energy consumption by applying IMS tools and technologies to Omron products, production lines, and […]

17Aug 2017

Mitsubishi Electric’s small programmable controller MELSEC iQ-F series (FX5U series), with the basic performance of the upgrade, and drive the product connection, the software environment to improve the bright spot, as FX3U series upgrade products FX5U series of excellence is a grand come out. As a strong support for customers, “manufacturing pioneer products” to meet […]

16Sep 2017

SR area (231 ~ 255) is divided into the first two parts 232 ~ 251: often used as a channel unit 232 ~ 249 does not make the specified function in the table, can be used as auxiliary relay 250,251 can only use the function in the table, can not be used for other purposes. […]