Ten reasons for motor vibration

1. Rotor, coupler, coupling, transmission wheel (brake wheel) imbalance caused.

2. Iron core frame loose, diagonal keys, pin failure loose, loose rotor banding will result in some imbalance in rotation.

3. linkage part of the shaft misalignment, the center line does not coincide, centering is not correct. The main reason for this failure is the installation process, poor alignment, caused by improper installation.

4 linkage part of the center line coincide in cold state, but after a period of operation due to the rotor fulcrum, base and other deformation, the centerline has been destroyed, resulting in vibration.

5. The gear and coupling connected with the motor are faulty, the gear is not well engaged, the gear wear is serious, the lubrication on the wheel is bad, the coupling is skewed, dislocated, the gear coupling tooth shape, the tooth pitch is wrong, the gap is too short Large or badly worn, will cause some vibration.

6. The structure of the motor itself defects, journal oval, shaft bending, the gap between the shaft and the bearing is too large or too small, bearing block, foundation plate, some parts of the ground and even the entire motor mounting base stiffness is not enough.

7. Installation problems, the motor and the base plate is not firmly fixed, the bottom of the bolt loose, bearing seat and the base plate between the loose and so on.

8. The gap between the shaft and the bearing is too large or too small Not only can cause vibration but also the bearing lubrication and temperature anomalies.

9. Motor-driven load conduction vibration, such as motor drag fan, pump vibration, causing the motor vibration.

10. AC motor stator wiring error, winding asynchronous motor rotor winding short circuit, synchronous motor excitation winding inter-turn short circuit, synchronous motor excitation coil connection error, cage induction motor rotor bar, rotor core deformation caused by stator and rotor air gap is not Both, leading to air gap flux imbalance caused by vibration.

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