ABB drive selection Note:
1) The purpose of frequency conversion; constant voltage control or constant current control.
2) ABB inverter load type; such as vane pumps or positive displacement pumps, with special attention to the load performance curve, the performance curve determines the way when applied.
3) ABB inverter and load matching problem;
I. Voltage matching; The rated voltage of ABB inverter matches the rated voltage of the load.
II.Current matching; ordinary centrifugal pump, ABB inverter rated current and the motor rated current. For special loads such as deep water pumps, it is necessary to refer to the motor performance parameters to determine the maximum current ABB drive current and overload capability.
III. Torque matching; this can happen with constant torque loads or with reduction gear.
4) When using ABB inverter to drive high-speed motor, the output current value increases due to the increase of higher harmonics due to the small reactance of high-speed motor. Therefore, ABB inverter for high-speed motor selection, its capacity should be slightly larger than the selection of ordinary motor.
5) If the ABB frequency changer wants the long electric cable movement, must take the measure at this moment to restrain the long electric cable to the ground coupling capacitance the influence, avoids the ABB frequency changer output insufficiency, therefore in this kind of situation, ABB frequency changer capacity enlarges a file or The output of ABB drives is fitted with output reactors.
6) For some special applications, such as high temperature and high altitude, this will cause ABB drive derating, ABB drive capacity to enlarge a block.

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