Mitsubishi inverter over-current failure caused by a lot of reasons, should be based on the actual situation analysis. If you find the root cause, and then according to the fault situation on the Mitsubishi inverter repair, generally can be resolved. The motor cable is connected to the inverter and the motor. It is from the inverter side and the motor side were analyzed.

1, first of all from the inverter side of the impact.

Inverter side may cause the Mitsubishi inverter overcurrent common causes are:

Acceleration time is too short. At this time the greater the required motor torque, torque and current is proportional to, so the current is also great. Appropriate to extend the acceleration time.

Enhance function. If the V / f control, the starting process, the voltage rise is too high, may also cause over-current. Appropriate to reduce the voltage rise.

PID parameter is not appropriate. Excessive dynamic response may cause overcurrent. Extended filter time, minus P plus I.

2, followed by the influence from the motor side.

The common causes of inverter overcurrent caused by the motor side are:

Motor cable to ground short circuit. Cable insulation is not good, there are broken skin. The cable insulation can be tested with a shaking table to verify the cable quality.

Motor stall. At this point the inverter will attempt to use a larger torque to turn the motor, which may cause an overcurrent fault.
3, and finally the hardware problem.

If the inverter within the current detection mechanism is not working properly, or CPU processing mechanism out of the problem, these are not set parameters can be resolved, the need for repair.

If the inverter does not match the motor current, it may cause overcurrent fault. Such as small inverter with a large motor, or nameplate parameters are wrong, may cause over-current fault.

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