Common Faults and Handling Methods of Three Phase Asynchronous Motors

Symptom: can not be started after the motor is connected
Reasons and treatment:
1. Stator winding wiring error – check the wiring, correct the error
2. Stator winding open circuit, short circuit to ground, around the rotor motor motor winding open circuit – find the point of failure, troubleshooting
3. Excessive load or drive jammed – Check drive and load
4. Wound rotor Motor rotor circuit open (brush and slip ring poor contact, rheostat circuit, poor lead contact, etc.) – find the circuit breaker point, to be repaired
5. Low supply voltage – check the cause and eliminate
6. Power phase loss – check the line, restore three-phase

Symptoms: motor temperature is too high or smoke
Reasons and treatment:
1. Too heavy or overloaded – Reduce the load and reduce the number of starts
2. Missing phase during operation – Check the line and restore three phases
3. Stator winding wiring error – check the wiring, to be corrected
4. Stator winding grounding, inter-turn or short circuit occurred – isolated or short-circuit to find the site to be repaired
5. Squirrel cage rotor winding broken – to replace the rotor
6. Worst rotor windings run out of phase – find the point of failure and repair it
7. Stator and rotor wipe – check the bearings, rotor deformation, repair or replacement
8. Poor ventilation – Check if air flow is smooth
9. Voltage is too high or too low – check the cause and eliminate it

Symptoms: motor vibration is too large
Reasons and treatment:
1. Rotor imbalance – leveling balance
2. Unbalanced pulley or bending shaft – check and correct
3. Motor misaligned with load axis – Check the axis of the adjustment unit
4. Incorrect motor installation – check installation and foot screws
5. Sudden heavy load – reduce the load

Different sound during operation
Reasons and treatment:
1. Stator and rotor wipe – check the bearings, rotor deformation, repair or replacement
2. Damaged or poorly lubricated bearings – Replace bearings, clean bearings
3. Motor runs out of phase – Check breakpoint and repair
4. Fan touch the case – check and eliminate the fault

Motor speed is too low with load
Reasons and treatment:
1. Low supply voltage – Check supply voltage
2. Overload – check load
3. Cage Rotor Winding Broken – Replace Rotor
4. Worst rotor wire group a poor contact or disconnect – Check the brush pressure, brush and slip ring contact with the rotor windings,

Motor case live
Reasons and treatment:
1. Poor grounding or grounding resistance is too large – according to the provisions of a good grounding, to exclude bad grounding fault
2. Winding wet – for drying
3. Insulation damage, lead touch shell – Impregnation repair insulation, re-lead.

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