The programmed program needs to be commissioned to confirm that the machine control requirements are met. In general, the debugging of sequential programs goes through two steps of “simulation debugging” and “online debugging”.
    (1) Simulation debugging
    “Simulation debugging”, also known as “simulation debugging”, refers to the use of special “simulation equipment” (or “simulation device”, “analog station”, etc.) instead of machine tools and CNC, PLC, PLC programming equipment under laboratory conditions. Connected (in the case of conditions, you can also connect servo units, servo motors, and even some independent mechanical features) to debug the sequence program. “Simulation debugging” has the advantages of safety, low energy consumption, and fewer people to assist the shaft.
    The “simulation device” uses many switches and indicators to simulate the state of each electrical function of the machine. For example, the on/off of the small switch is used to replace the switch and button on the MT side operation panel, the relay contact in the electrical cabinet, and the position detection switch mounted on each moving part of the machine tool is closed/opened to simulate various input signals. In the “1” and “0” states, the indicator light on/off is used to replace the power on/off of the MT side operation panel indicator and the relay coil in the electrical cabinet to verify the signal state of each device output to the MT side.
“Emulation debugging” is an important step before “online debugging”. Programmers can use “simulation devices” such as machine operation panels, table operations, workpiece clamping, spindle start and stop, tool magazine manual, automatic tool finding, robot tool change, table indexing, and various mechanical actions and control logic. The interlocking relationship is carried out for the test of the sub-test and the operation of the cyclic action to ensure the correctness of the principle of the sequential program control, and to lay the foundation for the safety of the whole machine in the future.
    It should be pointed out that although the “simulation device” can debug and confirm many control sequence problems in the machine control by simulating the signal state on the machine side, due to the limitation of the conditions, it is often impossible to completely simulate the mechanical actions related to the time control. And some complex loop action sequences. Therefore, the sequence program must be debugged online to be finalized.
    (2) Online debugging
    The electromechanical operation debugging of the whole machine that connects the machine tool, CNC device, PLC device and programming equipment is called “online debugging”. “Online commissioning” can detect and correct errors in sequential programs, and can check for possible problems with the design, manufacture, installation, and quality of electromechanical components of machine tools and electrical circuits.
The “online commissioning” work is carried out on the shop floor by a number of engineers and technicians with mechanical and electrical expertise. After confirming that the CNC system, servo system, PLC device, power cabinet components, and various components of the machine tool are installed and connected correctly, the power can be turned on, and the sequence program stored in the programming device can be transferred to the RAM board (or In the RAM memory of the PLC device, a sequential program is then executed to check the actions of the electromechanical execution components and their sequential control logic. If necessary, the sequence program can be modified by the programming device and then transferred to the RAM board

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