Inverter installation steps are generally similar, but there are some manufacturers will have some special requirements on the installation steps and the external environment, the following to introduce the general installation steps of the inverter. First of all to the main circuit of the inverter before the installation of insulation testing, followed by the control circuit before the installation of insulation test.

Next to the inverter installation environment to make some requirements and arrangements. details as follows:

(1) ambient temperature 

Generally applicable to -10 ℃ -40 ℃, wet change in the end of 90% of the environment work. If the ambient temperature is higher than 40 ℃, for every 1 ℃ increase, the inverter should be derated by 5%.

(2) The general requirements of the installation site

1) no corrosion, no flammable and explosive gas, liquid

2) No dust, floating fibers and metal particles.

3) The foundation of the installation site, the wall should be strong and non-destructive, no vibration

4) to avoid direct sunlight

5) No electromagnetic interference

(3) Frequency converter installation space and ventilation 

The inverter is equipped with a cooling fan inside to force air cooling. In order to make the cooling cycle work well, the inverter must be mounted vertically. When installing multiple inverters in the same device or control box, it is recommended that you install them horizontally side by side to reduce the mutual thermal effects.

(4) drive cover removal 

In the installation, the inverter needs to be tested, checked, wired, etc., which requires the cover to be disassembled. Pay attention to the characteristics of different frequency converters, according to their characteristics to install.

(5) Inverter wiring 

1) Wiring is correct

2) wire debris, especially the metal shavings, short break and its screw, nut is falling inside the inverter

3) screw is tightened, the wire is loose

4) Whether the exposed part of the terminal connection collides with the live parts of other terminals and touches the shell of the inverter.

(6) control circuit wiring precautions 

1) Control circuit and the main circuit wiring, and with other power lines, power lines should be separated from the line, and maintain a certain distance.

2) The relay contact terminal leads in the control loop of the inverter should be separately routed from the terminals of other control loops so as to avoid interfering signals when the contact is closed or disconnected.

3) In order to prevent interference caused by noise and other signals, the inverter will malfunction and the control circuit adopts shielded cable.

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