Recently, the market appeared a number of imitation Mitsubishi PLC, mostly FX1S series and FX1N series mainly, including FX2N input and output expansion, analog modules.
These PLC or no high-speed input function, memory problems, easy to contact the output point and so on.
Customers in the procurement of Mitsubishi PLC when the attention of this problem. Because it is necessary to do non-authentic PLC is very realistic, then the ordinary users how to distinguish between true and false?
Please carefully identify buyers.
1, see the programming port that the internal jack, the original Mitsubishi internal metal sheet is gold-plated, non-original most of the silver or titanium white and other non-gold.
2, fake PLC packaging box color than the real deep.
3, false PLC packaging label paper is pure white, real PLC packaging label paper is milky white.
4, fake PLC on XOXIX2YOY1Y2 these printed sub-color is relatively deep, rough strokes.
5, fake PLC mold relative to open relatively rough.
6, fake PLC on the right side of the label font and really there are   differences, the paper is worse, easy to yellow.
Of course, the most important thing is to find more formal sales agents to buy more assured products.

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