As we all know, with the development of the “Industry 4.0” strategy, the development of computer technology, communication technology, and IT technology has penetrated into the industrial control field. Its main performances are industrial fieldbus technology, PC-Based technology and industrial Ethernet technology. Among them, the extensive use of industrial fieldbus technology, especially Ethernet technology, has brought profound changes to automation technology.

As a provider of distributed control system solutions, Yike has always played an active role in fieldbus and connection products. It has also been committed to providing users with on-site signal acquisition and connection systems for many protocols used in different systems. .

Today, with modern manufacturing becoming more informatized, more users are using industrial Ethernet for information transmission to complete more integrated automation and information solutions. Modern industry is also becoming more intelligent with the promotion of Ethernet. The direction of development. Focusing on this market demand, Yike has completely updated and upgraded the full range of connection systems, adopting a new design and internal structure, and introducing a full range of connectivity products supporting Industrial Ethernet. Industrial environmental applications place very stringent requirements on connectors, connection technology and wiring. The ICON fieldbus interconnect solution “SmartCon” is designed to withstand harsh and aggressive industrial conditions, and the components are sealed to withstand dust and liquids with IP67 protection.

One of the most obvious features of this product upgrade is the addition of the “SmartCon” series, which supports all industrial Ethernet protocols on the market, such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink, CC-link/IE, etc. to meet industrial needs. RJ45 connector and M12 field round pre-fill connector with 4-core D-Code and 8-core X-Code/A-Code products, while providing different cables for different installation sites, such as fixed installation, flexible cable and The CAT5e/CAT6 wire gauge can realize the transmission rate of 100M/1000M, which can meet the network level of the field level and management level.

Whether it is RJ45 connectors for indoor installation or circular connectors for on-site or cabinet applications, the length can be customized, and on-site self-wiring unions are available to greatly facilitate the user’s wiring work.

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