What is the magnetic switch?

Magnetic switch

The magnetic switch is induced by a magnet. This “magnetic” is a magnet, and there are several kinds of magnets. The magnets commonly used in the market include rubber magnets, permanent ferrites, and sintered NdFeB. The switch is a reed switch. The reed pipe is the abbreviation of dry reed pipe. It is a passive electronic switch component with contacts. It has the advantages of simple structure, small size and easy control. The outer casing is generally a sealed one. The glass tube is filled with two iron elastic reed plates and is filled with an inert gas.


In the usual reed pipe, two reeds made of special materials are separated. When a magnetic substance is close to the glass tube, the two reeds in the tube are magnetized to attract each other under the action of magnetic field lines. The pieces will be brought together to connect the circuits connected to the nodes. When the magnetic material is away from the glass tube, the two reeds of the reed switch are separated due to their own elasticity, and the circuit is broken.


Therefore, as a line switching device controlled by a magnetic field signal, the reed switch can be used as a sensor for counting, limiting, etc. (mainly used for the production of door magnets and window magnets in security systems), and also It is widely used in various communication devices. In practice, the permanent magnets are usually used to control the on or off of the two metal sheets, so they are also called “magnetrons”.

Magnetic switch principle


The magnetic switch is a kind of switching element controlled by the magnetic field signal. It can be used to detect the circuit or mechanical motion state without magnetic disconnection. The other type of magnetic switch is the proximity switch, the magnetic switch, and the induction. The switch, which has a mold open and is a standard size plastic case, the reed pipe is potted in the black case and the wire is led out. The other half is provided with a plastic housing with a magnet attached to the other end. When the magnet is close to the switch with the wire When a switch signal is issued.


The role of the magnetic switch

The magnetic switch is used to detect the position of the cylinder piston, that is, to detect the movement stroke of the piston. The magnetic switch can be used to feedback the position of the piston rod of the cylinder. The feedback signal can be used to control the movement of other components. It can also control the stroke of the cylinder. For example, the full stroke of the cylinder is 100, and the stroke can be adjusted to 80. The switch can also achieve cylinder stop at multiple points, but the stopping accuracy is not high.

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