Method of disassembling high-speed motor
1, to determine whether the need to remove the armature
Observe the motor is running between the brush and the commutator spark, the degree of sparks, (I) is without any spark. Description of carbon brushes and commutators are normal, no need to repair; (2) There are only 2 to 4 very small sparks. At this time carefully observe the commutator surface if flat. In most cases, it is not necessary to fix it. (3) There are 4 sparks with F and 1 ~ 3 large sparks. There is no need to disassemble the armature, just sand the brush commutator; ) If there are 4 large sparks, you need to sandpaper with commutator, even to seriously commutate the car must be removed at this time with the brush and armature. Of course, a giant commutator is processed, we must change the carbon brush brush.
2, the removal of high-speed motor method
Because when removing the end cap and armature. Vibration will damage the carbon brush, you should first remove the carbon brush from the carbon brush. And solid as two Ciji and reacher angle may not be the same, in order to ensure that the installation can be restored to its original state, the carbon brush around will not be equipped with anti, you must remove the carbon brush before. Make a mark on the left and right carbon brushes. Also remember not to touch the carbon and commutator contact surface.
One end of a high-speed motor usually has a heat-release dysentery. At the other end, there may be a magnet or a speed-measuring ring for measuring the speed. Be careful when disassembling the cooling fan and the magnet or the speed-measuring ring. , Speed ​​magnet touch bad. Secondly in the fan sleeve or between the magnet sleeve and shaft proud of a mark, so that after repair can be installed according to the original mark position because the dynamic balance test of high-speed motor is with a fan or speed ring (speed magnetic Steel), so the assembly, it must be assembled according to the demolition of the mark in the general motor repair is irrelevant trivial matter in the repair of high-speed motor can be related to the overall situation. Because once damaged speed ring or fan blade. Or segments are marked by a symbol, even if the other parts are well repaired. After assembly, it may also cause unbalance vibration of the whole machine when running at high speed.
When removing high-speed motor is not available Hammer, punch and other hard knock Hard to use Rama, the use of Rama should pay attention to: pull the top to directly top in the top eyes. The top and top eyes should be padded with a pad to protect the top eye on the armature shaft from damage.
Fixed end of the electric pull both ends of the cap, before the demolition of a seven to be marked on the bottom cover. In order to fix the original sample J :. Remove the armature bearings should be carefully cleaned, clean with a clean gas petrol until the petrol and then 7014 (or 7018) bearing grease filled bearing chamber (high-speed motor bearings can not be used ordinary butter, disulfide molybdenum). Keep it in a clean place. If the surface of the commutator is flat and has a purple luster, the oxide layer can protect the surface of the commutator and remove the powder from the surface with a soft brush.
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