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Mitsubishi Electric has recently introduced a new generation of high-performance general-purpose inverters with a high level of performance, a wide range of operating environments, convenient maintenance features and practical functions for easy operation.

A700 series inverter adopts a new design concept, and strives to achieve new—–the design level is advanced and novel; all—–functional, multi-purpose; high—–control superior and unique .

The A700 series inverters have the following advanced features and features:
■ It summarizes the characteristics of the representative products of Mitsubishi inverters in the past, namely: the characteristics of A500 are absorbed in the conventional control performance (strong overload capability, many control functions, suitable for most general occasions); vector control is equivalent to V500 (working In a variety of modes: speed, torque, position and mode switching, more extensive, more professional); external structure and auxiliary functions are the same as the F700 (communication function, signal adjustment, similar industrial instrument features, adjustment room Large, more convenient to use).
■ Take advantage of the best performance of ordinary motors (sensorless vector control): Drive ordinary motors without encoders to achieve vector control for high precision and fast response operation. Up to 200% of output torque can be achieved at an ultra-low speed of 0.3 Hz. In the torque mode, the control range is 1:20; the response level is further improved, the speed response is 120 rad/s, and the speed control range is 1:200.
■ Drives motors with encoders for high-performance vector control: Under closed-loop vector control, the drive achieves higher accuracy and faster response than sensorless vector control. Speed ​​control range 1:1500; speed fluctuation rate: 0.01%; speed response 300rad/s. Torque control range 1:50; with zero speed control and servo lock function. In the position control, 15 preset position segments are built in, and can be connected with PLC or pulse unit to form a general servo system to realize positioning operation. If the Mitsubishi special motor is used, it can continuously output 100% torque at low speed, which is suitable for unwinding/winding.
■ Simple and practical PLC function (optional): The built-in PLC programming function makes it easy for the operator to use the Mitsubishi PLC general programming software GX-Developer to program the PLC in the inverter, that is, in addition to the normal use of the inverter, the PLC is added. The running function, the related electrical control, to achieve a multi-purpose machine. Users can simplify the structure and reduce costs when using this feature.
■ Powerful network communication function: Built-in USB communication interface for easy connection to FR-Configurator inverter setting software. In addition to the built-in basic 485 communication method, by selecting various bus adapters, you can link to CC-Link, Profibus-DP, Device-NET, LonWorks, CANopen, EtherNET, and SSCNETIII to efficiently and quickly implement device networking.
■ Built-in EMC filter: effectively suppresses electromagnetic noise, eliminating the need for external configuration and saving installation space.
■ Long-life design: The main circuit capacitor, control loop capacitor, and newly designed cooling fan have a design life of ten years.

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