The new product of the JE family, MELSERVO-JE-B, inherits the simple and easy-to-use, high-performance performance and global versatility of MELSERVO-JE released by Mitsubishi Electric, and it is excellent in its class. Mitsubishi Electric’s “MELSERVO-JE-B” series servos have the function of “advanced one-touch tuning” in addition to the “advanced one-button tuning” function, and the absolute position detection system function is added. The servo motor encoder is used as an absolute position encoder to achieve absolute A simple configuration of the position detection system.

In terms of high-performance performance, this time, in addition to the 2.0kHz speed-frequency response of the MR-JE-A, the SSCNETIII/H network that Mitsubishi Electric is proud of, this network has two-way 150Mbps high-speed optical transmission performance. , can achieve high responsiveness of the system. Due to the use of fiber-optic communication, interference from the power line and external devices is completely eliminated. Compared with metal cables, the anti-jamming performance has been greatly improved.

The idling correction function can improve the accuracy of the circular trajectory in the trajectory control such as the XY table. The phenomenon of quadrant protrusion generated when the rotation direction of the servo motor is reversed due to the influence of friction, distortion, or the like is suppressed.

Through the combination with the simple motion module, through the functions of label detection, electronic cam, advanced synchronization, etc., it achieves high performance in the packaging machine, rewinding, robot transmission and other industries.

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