1. Mitsubishi PLC (introduced FX series)
The input address is to X1, X2, X3, etc., the output is to Y1, Y2, Y3, as long as the programming and wiring can be consistent, and the computer connection with SC-09 line, genuine with ground line of 350 yuan, Download to the computer DIP switch into the ON, the program downloaded to the PLC on the OFF, should not be downloaded to the PLC after the switch to ON or no output.
The basic instruction is LD AND OR SET RST TIME C, etc., in fact, is the relay line, if the PC programming without a mnemonic.
2. Omron PLC (introduced CQM1, CPM1A, CPM2A)
CQM1 address is input to 0.00 at the beginning, hexadecimal, such as five input modules is 0.00-0.15 is a 1.00-1.15 is a, until 4.00-4.15, the output to 100.00 at the beginning, 16 into, there are 5, that is 100.00-100.15,101.00-101.15 until 104.00-104.15
The CPM1A.CPM2A input is the same as CQM1, and the output starts with 10.00.
Their internal relay to 200.00 at the beginning, if only five output modules, can also be 6 for the internal relay, such as 106.00,16.00. Time relay to 0.1 seconds, and Mitsubishi
And the computer connection, with CIFO1 line, the mouth is the printer interface .20 pin. Note that the computer behind the two mouth, the left is COM02, COM01 line price of 550.CPM2A 232 interface.
Programming software CX-PROGRAMMER, programming attention if there is a red line is wrong. Mode should also pay attention to. There is no output in programming mode
3.AB PLC (Introduction LOGIX5555 controller)
AB and the above PLC is not the same, it is focused on the label, the type of data and memory
When programming, first configure the output input module, the module type is marked on the controller, such as 1756 module, you have to configure the module, or can not upload (each module will need the corresponding authorization disk, authorization disk is With the file to encrypt, the general use of disk, can not use removable hard disk, can only use HD-COPY software to knock on the disk program)
Address input Local: 1: i.date1, is the module 1 input the first bit, LOCAL: 1: I.DATE2, is the module 1 input bit 2, the output is LOCAL2: O.DATE1, module 2 output first
Time in milliseconds, a and b can be defined as internal relays, such as a1.0 and b2.0 and so on.

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