Mitsubishi Electric introduced 80 series F series small PLC in the early 90s by F1, series and F2 series to replace, F1, series in China has a high market share. FX2 series, FX0S, FX0N and FX2N series of miniaturization and multi-variety, to meet the needs of different users. Fl series and FX2 series already out of the product, Mitsubishi Electric FX series products are only FX1S, FXlN, FX2N and Fx2NC these four sub-series, compared with the past, compared to the performance and price ratio has significantly improved The
FX series of wide adaptability, such as FX2N and FX2NC can be extended to up to 256 I / O points, and has a strong network communication capabilities, to meet the needs of most demanding systems, FX series is the most used in the country One of the PLC series of products.

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