If the use of thermal relay in the factory for large motor protection, it will break the big wires, that is, access to the thermal relay screw connection problems, prone to hot spots and fault points. If you do not use fuses and thermal relays, and the use of integrated motor protection to achieve, because the protection is through-core, you can reduce the break point of large wires, thereby reducing the hot spots and points of failure.
When using the motor protector must pay attention to control the wiring of the circuit to ensure the normal operation of the machine, it can replace the circuit breakers, contactors, thermal relays, fuses and other low-voltage electrical products.
Motor protector installation steps are as follows:
1, according to the requirements of the installation site and the protection of functional requirements, a reasonable choice motor protection model and its various protection parameters setting;
2, according to the instructions for use of the product correctly installed, the correct use of the terminals should be connected, the working power should be connected in front of the control loop, and pay attention to the nominal voltage and the actual voltage is consistent;
3, the motor protector equipped with current transformer ratio, if the device on-site or control room need ammeter display, it is best to reprovision a current transformer, or with the ammeter that phase current display will have an impact;
4, the installation of split protection Do not use different numbers of supporting transformer and display part of the common use;
5, can be improved according to user requirements, analog 4-20 mA interface output should be connected with the use of matching equipment;
6, Correctly grounded, low-voltage system for the TN-C protection system, the protection device load side of the equipment ground protection line must be replaced by the TT system independent protection of the ground, the neutral line shall not be repeated, not as a protection line.

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