PLC lithium battery replacement time and steps
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PLC stored in the user program RAM (random access memory), counters and auxiliary relays with hold function are used lithium battery protection, lithium battery life of about 5 years, when the lithium battery voltage is gradually reduced to a certain extent, PLC basic The battery voltage drop indicator on the unit is on. Prompt the user to note that there are lithium batteries support the program can be retained for about a week, you must replace the battery.
Replace lithium battery steps:
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1, before replacing the battery, first backup PLC user program
2, before disassembly, PLC should be energized for more than 15s (this can be used as a memory backup power capacitor charge, disconnect the lithium battery, the capacitor can be short-term power supply to the PLC to protect the information in the RAM is not lost );
3, disconnect the PLC’s AC power
4, open the battery cover of the basic unit
5, remove the old battery, install a new battery
6, cover the battery cover
Replace the battery time to be as short as possible, generally not allowed more than 3min. If the time is too long, the program in RAM will disappear.

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