Since the person is a conductor, when the finger approaches the electrode, the capacitance between the finger and the electrode changes. As long as the change in the electrostatic capacitance of the XY axis is detected, the touch point can be located. The principle of the projected capacitive touch can sense the change of the capacitance value without pressing the touch panel. In addition, the surface of the projection touch panel is glass, and the glass is excellent in scratch resistance, durability, and environmental resistance.

The operation principle of the projected capacitive touch panel is that there are two layers of ITO layers under the surface glass layer to form electric fields of the X-axis and the Y-axis, respectively, and the electric field power lines pass through the glass surface to maintain electric field balance. Once the finger approaches the glass surface, the finger forms a new electric field with the X-axis or Y-axis electrode, causing the local capacitance to change, and the controller determines the position based on the change in capacitance.

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